VersionUpdate InformationDate motion processing fault handling8/19/2018 fix for ptz tracking
Updates to trip wire code
New version of opencv
8/17/2018 issue with action translations8/16/2018 fix8/15/2018 fixes for motion detection
Added new trip wire and speed detectors
Added onvif preset set and delete
Improved motion detection area control
Fixed bug with deleting snapshots
Better ONVIF control
Added GPU decoder for recording playback
8/14/2018 UI updates7/13/2018 for bug when adding some onvif devices7/12/2018 outgoing timestamp to android and ios notifications
Add both option to flip modes
7/12/2018 an issue with adding mics7/11/2018 for missing c++ library7/11/2018 - add motion event notifications and support for more cameras
onvif - add support for variable speed ptz
new motion detection system with tracking and trip wires
updated motion and alert views
add support for extended character set
add gpu encode and decode support
new version of ffmpeg
performance improvements
7/10/2018 detection and alert camera border highlighting to live web player
Couple of bug fixes
6/15/2018 a json bug with some ptz proifiles
Add max time setting for ptz tracking
Fix stop command for ptz tracking
Add rotate option to camera
6/14/2018 multiple new live viewer types (active/ alerts/ detect/ interval)
Add options to upload snapshots to cloud or archive
Add timelapse snapshots to cloud uploads
Updates to web interface (2 finger scrolling on files and snapshot views)
Add thumbnails to timeline when zoomed in
Faster handling of snapshot view
Updates to support new Neighbourhood watch system
6/13/2018 to rtsp feeds (default TCP)
Improved heuristic for framerate limiter code
Updates for plugin integration
Add ability to enable/ disable plugin
Add plugin switch to scheduler
5/21/2018 for reconnecting some RTSP streams
Fix for corrupted UDP streams
Updates for plugin interface
Fix for some graphical issues with playback
5/15/2018 PTZ definitions
Fix an issue with calling an executable on alert
Fix an issue with calling an internal command on alert
4/30/2018 issue with seeking playback4/30/2018 issue with rtsp streams4/29/2018 FFMPEG
Add ability to send multiple grabs via email (up to 5 at .5 sec interval)
Add ability to post multiple grabs to http endpoint (up to 10)
Fix issue with camera logins containing invalid characters
Fix issue with passing empty password to cameras
Add manual alert type