VersionUpdate InformationDate for reconnecting some RTSP streams
Fix for corrupted UDP streams
Updates for plugin interface
Fix for some graphical issues with playback
5/15/2018 PTZ definitions
Fix an issue with calling an executable on alert
Fix an issue with calling an internal command on alert
4/30/2018 issue with seeking playback4/30/2018 issue with rtsp streams4/29/2018 FFMPEG
Add ability to send multiple grabs via email (up to 5 at .5 sec interval)
Add ability to post multiple grabs to http endpoint (up to 10)
Fix issue with camera logins containing invalid characters
Fix issue with passing empty password to cameras
Add manual alert type
4/25/2018 to rtmp streamer
4/17/2018 Fixes
Updates to add camera wizard
Add new dummy camera type for PiP layouts
4/11/2018 wav file audio support
Updates to FFMPEG
Minor bug fixes
4/7/2018 sources
fix issue with duplicate microphones
4/5/2018 copy device
Add copy schedule/ alert actions/ ptz schedule
Fix issue with rtmp streaming
3/30/2018 an issue with scanning for rtsp cameras
add more error handling around cloud uploads
3/28/2018 of minor bug fixes
Add some ptz definitions
Add device status to live viewer
3/27/2018 a bug with PTZ tracking
Fixed a bug with SMTP not attaching image
Added column/ 2 column/ grid and multiple views to live viewer
3/16/2018 issue with directshow devices
Fix issue with seeking playback (new recordings)
Fix issue with loading plugins
3/9/2018 issue with synchronised playback3/8/2018 issue with remote commands
Change recording mode options
3/1/2018 RTMP streaming to scheduler
Added directshow device detection
2/27/2018 bug with switching PTZ controls
Added new sources and PTZ definitions

Fix ptz issue
Add variable size for video feeds

2/10/2018 issue with rtsp feeds
fixed framerate issue
added translations
improved recording compression