VersionUpdate InformationDate encoding quality
Updates to UI
12/5/2017 for possible ffmpeg exception10/31/2017 updates
Bug fixes
10/24/2017 fixes
Added multiple synchronized file playback to timeline
Updated version of ffmpeg
Added microphone visualisation to live playback
10/12/2017 timelapse playback and display in portal
fix for digest authentication issue
9/30/2017 version of ffmpeg
Bug fixes and performance enhancements
9/29/2017 CPU usage on media writer9/26/2017 update9/24/2017 update9/24/2017 an issue with the updater9/24/2017 wizard search results
Bug fix for assigning ptz model
9/24/2017 fixes and updates
Improved wizard scans for onvif devices
Fixes for timeout issue on some cameras
9/22/2017 ability to stream to youtube/ twitch
Updates to ffmpeg
9/17/2017 to latest webrtc library
Improvements to video serving
Bug fixes
Added encoding options
9/6/2017 for updater on virtual machines8/19/2017 issue with downloading files to mobile devices8/18/2017 issue with audio
Add option to run schedule at start to server settings
8/17/2017 to new ICEServer format8/13/2017 Bug fixes
Fix for issue with desktop streams
Updates to support new web UI
Performance improvements
8/12/2017 fixes
Update to new serial # based registration