Download Agent - Surveillance for the Internet of Things!

Agent Logo
  • Video surveillance for the IOT
  • Runs as a windows service with full web based UI
  • Motion detection and recording (H264)
  • Works with practically any camera
  • Portable (no install required)
  • End to End SSL keeps your video totally safe
  • Remote access works anywhere with an internet connection

Agent is our video surveillance application designed for the internet of things. Agent is optimised to use minimal CPU and offload processing to the GPU (if available). The User Interface for Agent is available via this website*. Agent has full IFTTT compatibility so can integrate with the IOT universe. Remote access will work anywhere with an internet connection (no port forwarding required). Agent also features end-to-end SSL which means your video is totally secure.

Agent is portable - just unzip it to the folder you want to use it. See the readme.txt file in the download for setup instructions.

Agent requires the .NET framework 4.5 to be installed.

Latest Version: v1.3.8.0. Works on Windows 7 and above. Change log

*Agent requires a subscription for use. A free 7 day trial will be applied when Agent is connected to your account.