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iSpy includes translations in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Deutsch, ελληνικά, Español, Française, Hrvatski, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Русский, Polski, Português, 中文 (繁體), 한국어 and 中文


iSpy is our free, open source video surveillance platform. You can use iSpy and iSpyConnect (web based access to your iSpy server) for free on the same network iSpy is running on. Remote access and web services (Email/ SMS/ Twitter/ Cloud) require a subscription.

iSpyPRO is our professional product and is available free to subscribers. iSpyPRO comes with access to our new extended web platform that enables you to manage and control iSpy via the web.

VersionUpdate InformationDate of code updates (c# v6 improvements)
New Wix based installer
Fixes for some issues with FFMPEG and VLC feeds
9/16/2015 the ffmpeg build
Minor updates to VLC
7/24/2015 version of FFMPEG
Fix for adding objects via http request
7/16/2015 an issue with google drive/ youtube authorisation4/21/2015 an issue with setting permissions for user access4/21/2015 few minor bug fixes
Updates for VLC
Fixes for some talk issues
Added audio, controls and talk support for IP Webcam (Android) application
4/17/2015 youtube integration to latest API
Updated cloud integration
Encrypted passwords in XML store
Added upload to YouTube button
Added support for SFTP
Added binding options to webserver for better support with multiple NICs
3/18/2015 version of FFMPEG
Fix for potential issues reconnecting to MJPEG streams
Added a "Reconnect Failed" action option
Tweaks for selecting media in the media pane
3/3/2015 fix for ptz zoom that requires stop command
Updated Norwegian translations
Updated FFMPEG library
FFMPEG optimisations
Fix for issue with alert grid view
2/19/2015 an issue with motion range calculations
Fixed an issue with alert notifications
Added a "maximise and restore" option to alert grid views
12/19/2014 additional alert event types (alert stopped, recording started, recording stopped)
Updates to some plugin related issues.
12/10/2014 recording framerate settings to web settings html template
Fixed an issue where port scans can crash the server

11/28/2014 to VLC and FFMPEG plugin.
Fixes to enable hardware acceleration on VLC plugin for some feeds
Couple of minor bug fixes
11/5/2014 version of FFMPEG
Swapped select button on UI
Fixed an issue with triggered recordings
10/1/2014 around an issue with VLC thread leaks
Fixed an issue with grid alert view
7/17/2014 a memory leak issue with reconnecting VLC streams
Fixed a potential memory issue with desktop streams
6/27/2014 an issue when adding video sources with audio embedded
Ignore key commands when multiple unrelated keys are pressed
Updated PTZ list
6/26/2014 an issue with audio ispy server/ vlc feeds
potential fix for hang on shutdown with some audio sources
6/17/2014 a few issues with ffmpeg recording
Added microphone cloning
Added gain settings for finer control of motion and sound detection
Added creation of new log file on date change
Added minimum recording duration settings
5/17/2014 an issue with grid views5/9/2014