iSpyPRO works on Windows Vista and above

iSpyPro is available to subscribers only.



iSpyPRO is our professional version of iSpy. It's been developed to take advantage of newer high end video hardware and provides all new layout and data visualization controls. It also fully supports our new web interface.

iSpyPRO is available free to subscribers. iSpyPRO comes with access to our new extended web platform that enables you to manage and control iSpy via the web.

icon New Features

  • All new Web API - cross platform (mobile friendly) web interface with full touch support - completely manage iSpy via iSpyConnect
  • WebSocket Integration - For realtime visual and audible alerts in the browser
  • Flexible UI - drag and rearrange panels
  • Supports Sensors - monitor and trigger windows sensors (compass, accelerometer, switches etc)
  • Enhanced Timeline and thumbnailer controls
  • Recycle bin for cameras and microphones
  • New Layout Modes - auto grid, column, two column, free form and resizable columns.
  • Latest FFMPEG support - supports h265 decode
  • New Microphone Visualizations - volume, historical, spectrum and bar graph
  • Live Toaster - live video in the toaster notification pop-ups
  • Virtual Monitors - multiple virtual monitors - click View - Window - New Monitor
  • New Router Support - enhanced port forwarding and support for both uPnP and PMP routers
  • Enhanced Floor Plans - hot spots link directly to related cameras and microphones
  • Enhanced Scheduler - enable and disable alert actions and much more
  • FTP and SFTP Recordings - manual and automatic FTP of recorded video
  • Detect workstation lock - trigger events when your workstation is locked or unlocked

icon iSpyPRO Screenshots

VersionUpdate InformationDate for web api7/6/2016 code updates and enhancements
Migration to c# 6
Wix installer
Fix for startup issue and some other minor issues
Fixes for some distortion issues with FFMPEG and VLC
9/21/2015 to all video sources.
Fixed an issue with digest authentication
Fixed several issues with rare thread lock conditions.
Added digest authentication support to PTZ
8/19/2015 digest authentication
Potential fix for some video distotion issues with VLC and FFMPEG H264 feeds
Added audio support for DLink 930L cameras
Fixed an issue with loading object lists
Fixed an issue with file association commands
Fixed an issue with startup on new installs
Fixed an issue with motion zones
Fixed a couple of issues with new edge browser for windows 10
7/31/2015 FFMPEG (problems with latest build)
Updated VLC libraries
Added ability to run ispy commands on desktop lock/ unlock with a timer
Fixed an issue with ONVIF devices
Streamlined the network troubleshooter
Fixed an issue with the network troubleshooter

7/24/2015 update - complete re-write of webserver for new web services platform.
Added web sockets support.
Some UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.
7/16/2015 update - complete re-write of webserver for new web services platform.
Added web sockets support.
Some UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.
7/16/2015 an issue with google cloud and youtube authorisation4/21/2015 few minor bug fixes
Updates for VLC
Fixes for some talk issues
Added audio, controls and talk support for IP Webcam (Android) application
4/17/2015 youtube integration to latest API
Updated cloud integration
Encrypted passwords in XML store
Added upload to YouTube button
Added support for SFTP
Added binding options to webserver for better support with multiple NICs
3/18/2015 zoom stop commands for some PTZ cameras
Added a tree view (view - window - tree view)
Fixed an issue with loading in new object lists
Updated FFMPEG library
FFMPEG performance enhancements
Fixed an issue with switching alert actions on/off via scheduling
Fixes for a few issues with playback seeking
2/19/2015 an issue with loading plugins
Fixed an issue with remote use of case sensitive PTZ commands
Fixed an issue with setting user agent string for JPEG feeds
12/3/2014 an issue with the server crashing on port scans
Added object ID to property grids
Added recording framerate settings to web settings template
Fixed an issue with updating the PTZ definitions list
11/28/2014 a bug with listening switching on some microphone sources
Added a grab button to the playback control to let you save frames from recorded content
Added an all new scheduler (old schedules will be converted to the new format)
Added option to enable/ disable alert actions
Added options to scheduler to enable/ disable alert actions
Added ability to FTP recorded video automatically (see Recording - FTP when editing a camera)
Added ability to manually FTP a video from the thumbnail viewer
Fied a bug with restore on alert
Fixed a couple of bugs in nvlc

11/19/2014 to FFMPEG and VLC
Minor bug fixes
Added a night theme
Added automatic night/day theme options to settings
Added server name field to settings
Added option to invert floorplans
11/5/2014 a color channel issue with FFMPEG feeds
Added Preview Width to settings to control size of pop-up thumbs (set to zero to disable)
Fixed an issue with groups and access.
Added a messaging checkbox to alerts and scheduling options to enable scheduled switching of SMS, email and twitter alerts.
Fixed an issue with start on startup
Updated ffmpeg version

10/23/2014 version of ffmpeg
Fixed an issue with triggered recording
10/1/2014 a bug with checking for updates
Added an option to settings to change the icon in the system tray
Fixed a bug with closing and not being able to reopen certain panels
Added an option to restore the layout
Fixed a bug with slow deletion of content
Fixed an issue with the monitoring application not restarting ispy pro on a crash

Couple of minor bug fixes with deleting objects
Added support for sensors (in other devices - next to floorplans) - use sensors to alert or trigger recording on other devices. Supports ultrabook sensors like:

Accelerometer 3D,
Ambient Light,
Device Orientation,
Location (GPS),

and many many others (switches, magnetometers etc).

9/19/2014 support for H265 encoding (not available online due to lack of support in flowplayer). Needs codecs installed for playback (see DivX player). Be aware that H265 (or HEVC) uses a lot more CPU than H264.

Fixed an issue with remote access to floorplans