VersionUpdate InformationDate to rtmp streamer
4/17/2018 Fixes
Updates to add camera wizard
Add new dummy camera type for PiP layouts
4/11/2018 wav file audio support
Updates to FFMPEG
Minor bug fixes
4/7/2018 sources
fix issue with duplicate microphones
4/5/2018 copy device
Add copy schedule/ alert actions/ ptz schedule
Fix issue with rtmp streaming
3/30/2018 an issue with scanning for rtsp cameras
add more error handling around cloud uploads
3/28/2018 of minor bug fixes
Add some ptz definitions
Add device status to live viewer
3/27/2018 a bug with PTZ tracking
Fixed a bug with SMTP not attaching image
Added column/ 2 column/ grid and multiple views to live viewer
3/16/2018 issue with directshow devices
Fix issue with seeking playback (new recordings)
Fix issue with loading plugins
3/9/2018 issue with synchronised playback3/8/2018 issue with remote commands
Change recording mode options
3/1/2018 RTMP streaming to scheduler
Added directshow device detection
2/27/2018 bug with switching PTZ controls
Added new sources and PTZ definitions

Fix ptz issue
Add variable size for video feeds

2/10/2018 issue with rtsp feeds
fixed framerate issue
added translations
improved recording compression
2/6/2018 a quality issue with GPU encoding
Add quality control to recordings (lower quality = smaller file sizes)
Fix issue with JPEG quality settings on snapshots and FTP
2/2/2018 cloud upload issue
Reduce file size of recordings
2/1/2018 power settings update
Fixed missing translation
1/28/2018 rollup
Added Google Vision integration for automatic AI based tagging of videos (which you can then alert on - for example, get an alert when a parcel is left at your house) - see the recording tab. You can also manually tag recordings.
Added tags to search. Search videos by tag (eg box or cat)
1/25/2018 for mic recordings
Fix for potential threading issue