Neighborhood Watch Software

Neighbourhood Watch

With one iSpy account you can create a fully distributed surveillance system throughout your neighborhood. Using your neighbors home computers and existing webcams, everyone in your neighborhood watch group can access all cameras, microphones and recorded content through a shared, secured online login at the iSpy connect website.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on CCTV systems, iSpy uses your home computers and webcams to detect and record movement and sound. Cameras can also be scheduled to run at any time of day and either continuously record or record on motion detection. iSpy is perfect neighborhood watch software, as it can backup files to the cloud, send alerts with frame grabs to mobile phones and email addresses and has advanced motion detection functions.

You can even use iSpy to detect loitering, which works as a great crime preventer.

The very fact that there is video surveillance in your neighborhood will deter a lot of criminal activity.

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