At no point is any video transmitted through any of our servers - all video and image data is served directly from your PC to the webpage (except when sending frame grabs in emails).

We use a variety of measures to secure access to iSpy:

  • Password Encryption: Your password is encrypted with a one-way hash before it is stored in our database, so even if our database was hacked the data would be useless.
  • Authentication Tokens: Every time iSpy connects to the web it generates a new authentication token and sends this token to our website. This token is required to access content on your iSpy so the only way to access your cameras and content is via the website with your login details.
  • Direct Source Streaming: iSpy streams directly from your computer to your web browser, bypassing the website entirely (it will even use your internal LAN IP address if available). This both increases speed of access and ensures that even if our site was hacked, no-one else could intercept your video or save it off anywhere else.
  • IP Address Logging: iSpy keeps track of every IP address that logs into your account and stores it in a log which you can view from your account page.
  • Access Control: You can give other people access to your feeds and assign them "read only" permissions so they can't turn on or off your cameras or change your settings. You can also remove access privileges at any time.