Camera Connection Database

PLEASE NOTE : If your webcam plugs into a USB or FireWire port in your computer or is built-in to your monitor then you do not have an IP camera. Your webcam should appear in the Select Local Device drop-down list under the Local Device tab of the video source control.
iSpy has the worlds largest camera connection database. It is updated daily with new devices and models (crowd sourced via the ispy community). Click on a brand name below to see camera connection urls you can use in iSpy (open source windows GUI software), Agent (our new platform) or other apps like VLC.
Other makes starting with A
AA1webcam, A4tech, A4-tech Itd, Abelcam, Abient Weather, A-bmi, Abr, Abr Security, Abs, Absolutron, Abus, Ac38xx, Acam, Accfly, Accsxperts, Ace, Acer, Aceri-bcn, Acesee, Achtertuin, Acm, Acm-v3002, Acor, Acromedia, Acti, Action, Actioncam, Actiontec, Activa, Active, Acumen, Acunico, Adamas, Adapter, Adata, Adc, Adhua, Adhua Dh-ipc-hdw4233c-a, Adiance, Adj, Adt, Adv, Advance, Advanced Home, Advidia, Advisen, Advitronics, Aecbl1, Aegis, Aeon, Aeoss, Aercont, Aeromax, Aes, Aetos, Aevision, Afidus, Afreey, Agasio, Agk, Agptek, Agrofilm, Agsso, Aguadilla, Aguilera, Aha, Ahd, Ahio Digital, Ahula, Ai Ball, Ai Wifi, Aiex, Aigas, Ainol, Aipcam, Aircam, Aircamubnt, Airlink, Airlive, Airmobi, Airship, Airsight, Airsoft, Airspace, Airstream, Airties, Airtop, Airview, Airwave, Ait, Aitek, Aivant, Ajhua, Ajt, Ajtv, Akai, Akaso, Akeia, Akon, Aku, Akuvox,, Alaterassi, Alcatel, Alcon, Alecto, Alertme, Alexim, Alfa, Alfawise, Alhua, Ali, Ali Express, Alianza, Alias, Alibi, Alibi Dome, Aliexpress, A-link, Alinking, All In One, All2296, Allecto, Alliede, Allinone, All-in-one, Allnet, Allsky, Almacen, Alonma, Alp, Alpha, Alpha Power, Alphacam, Alphatec, Alpina, Alpine, Alptop, Altan, Altcam, Altop, Am, Amamax, Amano, Amarine, Amax, Amazable, Amazon, Amba, Ambarella, Amber, Ambientcam, Amc, Amcrest, Amegia, Amera, American Dynamics, Ameta, Amiko, Amirok, Amity, Amopm, Amorvue, Amovision, A-mtk, Amview, Amview Hd, Amway, Ana Pola, Anba, Anbash, Anbe2, Anben, Anbentech, Anbong, Anbvision, Andin, Android, Android Bl Ip-camera - Free, Android Ip Cam, Android Ip Webcam, Android Moto Ip Cam, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android Webcam, Android: Motorola, Anga, Angel Electronics, Anjiel, Anjvision, Anko Tech, Annahme, Annez, Anni Digital, Annke, Anno Zero Ltd, Anpviz, Anran, Anscam, Ansjer, Anson, Anspo, Antifurto365, Antik Smartcam, Antkr, Antrica, Anv, Anvan, Any Keeper, Anykeeper, Anysun, Aobo, Aochan, Aomg, Aoshi, Aote, Aotetek, Apaxis, Apc, Apeman, Aper, Apexis, Apix, Apklink, Apleye, Apm, Apogee, Aposonic, App Cam 35, Apple, Applesonic, Applink, Appo, Appro, Approx, Aprica, Aprox, Apti, Aptina, Aqua, Aquila, Ar3210, Aran, Archos, Arcvision, Area, Area51, Arebi, Arecont, Argom Tech, Argos, Argus, Argusleader, Arit, Arlotto, Arm, Arma-tech, Armorview, Armorvue, Arnan, Arp, Arrow Security System, Arsoft, Arvani Cctv, Asagio, Asante, Asc, Asecam, Asgari, Ashmount Ptz, Asia, Asip, Asix, Asm, Asoni, Aspac, Asrock, Astak, Asterix, Asti, Astr, Astrind, Astroghost, Astrum, Astun, Asus, Asutech, Asw-006, At Vision, Atheros, Athome, Atis, Atlantis, Atrix, Att, Attech, Attichd, Attn, Atv, Atz, Au3, Audiance, August, Auric, Aussen, Aussenb_sattelk, Aussenkamera1, Autoip, Auwer, Av102ip-40, Av12176dn-15, Av265, Av40185dn-cd, Avacom, Avaja, Avalonix, Avantgarde, Avaya, Avd552mip, Ave, Avenir, Aventura, Aver, Aver 2012 Tu, Avermedia, Avertx, Avertx Avx-hd510, Avicam, Avidia, Avidsen, Avigilon, Avios Webserver, Aviosis, Aviosys, Aviptek, Avistek, Avl, Avl Hd Dome, Avn, Avonic, Avosys, Avr Raiden, Avs, Avt, Avtech, Avtron, Avue, Avycon, Avz, Axenta, Axeon, Axgio, Axis, Axium, Axp, Ayrstone, Azemax, Azone, Azpen, Aztech

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