VersionUpdate InformationDate an issue with timelapse recordings on osx/linux
Numerous updates to UI
Improved accessibility
Add long press to enable edit mode on recordings/ photos

8/3/2020 fixes
Updates to AI libraries
Add tag option to record/record stop api calls
Add column display to alert list (on desktop)
Update translations
Add alternate (override) video URL option for ONVIF sources
Improve digital zoom and pan controls
7/30/2020 new alerts notification system into client UI
Updates to UI
7/20/2020 TURN server integration for Docker
Fix bug with copied alert action configuration
Add notice about switching on network discovery if no network devices found (on windows)
7/15/2020 to VLC code
Fix issue with cloud upload settings

Add code to detect and use local turn server config for docker installs
Add option to copy devices
Add UI to copy various settings between devices
Fix display of time when editing schedule entries
Add new Mask editor (remove mask image selector)

7/8/2020 bug fixes
Updates to ONVIF
Add analyze duration to advanced video settings
Fix an issue with some ONVIF connections on linux
7/3/2020 UI
New add camera wizard
Minor bug fixes
7/1/2020 heat map functionality to object tracker
Fix bug with deleting cameras from view
Other minor fixes
6/22/2020 arm timer to settings - delays arming of the alert system. Default is 15 seconds.
Add options to arm menu to apply a profile.
Add support for new Virtual Reality mode in viewer.
6/18/2020 signing certificate
Add max MJPEG stream size to server settings
6/4/2020 issue with paths on Google Drive
Fix issue with upside down cameras and motion detection areas
6/2/2020 updates for VLC
Added basic auth support for local server
Add link for home assistant
5/27/2020 some issues with VLC
Update VLC library
Add link to Home Assistant
Remove check for localhost from local UI.
5/22/2020 for disabling disconnected onvif devices
Fix for random broken recording when using GPU encoder
5/20/2020 update to fix connection issues with some cameras
Add command line option to generate remote access code on systems without GUI.
Add timed retry to connect to drives on startup.
Remove username and password from displayed URLs
Add debug information to storage monitor
Fix issue with remote connections for Windows 7


Security update - fix for discovered exploit (directory traversal)
Fix for issue with interval photos
Performance updates for server

5/15/2020 for some reconnect issues
Add MQTT responses on Agent/responses channel
Add MQTT logging
Fix some casing issues for paths on Linux/ OSX
5/11/2020 an issue when editing microphones
Fix an issue with MQTT
Fix an issue with VLC integration (rollback plugin)
Add FFmpeg, VLC and internal options to MJPEG decoder
5/8/2020 a hang on exit due to signalr service update
Add logging to storage management