Agent DVR


If you are on version or below and are running Linux or OSX or Docker then you will need to stop Agent before re-installing (backup the files in the AgentDVR folder first in case you have problems!):

  • LINUX: sudo systemctl stop AgentDVR
  • OSX: sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/

Then open a terminal window, go to where the existing AgentDVR folder is, for example ~/Desktop and run the install bash command for your OS from the download page. This is due to an FFmpeg and dotnet version bump. Running a normal update on these platforms will just reinstall v4.1.1.0. The installer will restart the service.

VersionUpdate InformationDate FFmpeg 6 version that was crashing on missing GPU drivers
Add TURN server option to local server settings

WARNING: 32 bit ARM version does not have a compatible FFmpeg v6 built at this time - only update if you can get one through your distribution.

Upgrade to FFMPEG v6 - Backup your current install!
Add Trigger Recording action (with timeout)
Bug fixes
Add indexeddb support in local browsers for image caching

5/9/2023 issue with ffmpeg version on linux4/24/2023 bug with setting up remote access when local user account created
Fix bug with action zones and using no object found event
Update ffmpeg code to remove all deprecated code
Fix bug with visualization on audio recording playback
4/24/2023 test button to add camera wizard
Add default option to filters (name one default to apply on load)
4/20/2023 bug with handling empty zone list
Add recognized sound overlay option to camera audio view
Cache base64 jpegs for 1 second to reduce load
4/12/2023 bug with zone filtering4/11/2023 Web Browser source type
UI updates
Add PTZ support to floor plans
Add arm/ disarm trigger to actions
Add some logging output to storage manager
Add variable distance check options to object tracking (check corners). Instead of checking the corners of bounding boxes on AI and object detection areas, Agent will now check a set distance limit from the center point. See Check Corners in object recognition and other AI tabs and tracking detectors for more info.
Add detected Audio tags and confidence to microphone visualizations (overlay checkbox in AI sound recognition configuration).
Add Icons to devices on general tab for display on floorplans.
4/10/2023 issue with opendrive
Reolink AI detector now raises object found events and tags alerts
Fall back to load backup objects file if objects file is corrupted
3/31/2023 go to preset task option
Keep onvif connections alive so PTZ works via commands when camera disabled
Only fire enable event when response received from device
UI updates to Alert Summary
Show historical limits on audio visualization
Add switch to block alerts when AI server is down
Add talk to user permissions
3/29/2023 bug with applying profile on arm from UI not applying home profile3/26/2023 issue with Reolink AI integration3/25/2023 bug with multiple action tasks filtering zone list
Add support for http based digest authentication on ONVIF devices

3/25/2023 bug with translations3/23/2023 updates
Add start/ stop RTMP to action tasks
UI updates
Add [ZONE] to action merge tags
Fix issue with alert blocked when AI server down
Bug fixes
3/22/2023 PTZ preset access to API
Add volume control (not available on IOS)
Add SSL switch to reolink AI API
Add OpenDrive as a cloud upload target
Upgrade audio visualizations, improve audio visualisation CPU usage
Add MQTT raw image push
Modify {Base64Image} tag to only send base64 data in MQTT
General rename of IP Camera to Network Camera
Bug fixes
3/20/2023 an issue with shortcut keys3/9/2023 a bug with motion detection when using a tracking detector
Add ability to edit tasks assigned to actions
Add option to themes to switch between different PTZ controllers
Fix bug with URL and email action tasks
Some other minor UI updates
3/9/2023 alerts display (bigger images, next, previous, timeline, delete).
Add play link to alerts that plays the associated recording if available
Fix bug with AI photos (taking photo when detected object below confidence limit)
Set defaullt limits on photos and files in local server settings (local server settings)
Add max alerts limit to server setttings
Remove repeat push debug message
3/8/2023 fixes
Add support for Actions to have multiple tasks associated to them
Add lang parameter to url for force-choosing language eg /?lang=fr
Add support for AND/ OR to action tag matching
Mailer support for no authentication
Add support for action on/off/run to API
Object recognition upgrade to check corners as well as center of area

3/6/2023 crash bug when some feeds fail to connect
PTZ UI updates
Add camera error information to display if connection fails.
2/28/2023 option to object recognition settings to ignore static objects
Update SMTP mailer
Fix bug with FTP when rename option checked
Add setting to disable update check
Add "This Device" to trigger actions so actions can be copied efficiently
Work around bug in CodeProject.AI face recognition
Default timeout changed for AI server testing
Update Sources
M3U8 connection updates
Add action reset timeout setting
2/25/2023 updates for object recognition
Fix bug where AI down results in constant alert state
Update MJPEG feed to return cameras in requested order
2/17/2023 object recognition settings upgrade
Other bug fixes
2/15/2023 AI code (filter moved to actions - see userguide, you may need to check your settings after the update)
Added AI sound recognition
Added Face Not Recognized event
Fixed settings upgrade
Bug fixes
Added Swedish translations
2/14/2023 some issues with photos and enhance
Add action option to send push notifications
Add ability to merge in AI tags with text-to-speech actions
2/4/2023 AI modes (full AI re-write)
Removed Alert Filter (Added alert trigger settings to Object Recognition)
Upgraded detector Zones system to support up to 5 different zones
Added AI Detector as Alert Mode option
Added live overlay for AI detectors
Added photos options for all AI detectors
Added users and permissions subsection to server settings (for licensed version)
Added support for custom logos to server settings (for licensed version)
Added login UI for users
Added option to set the maximum number of sessions to server settings - local server
Added skip to Content option to server settings - playback which will auto skip to the first motion event on playback of recordings.
Added LPR via CodeProject.AI
Added enhance Photos UI (super resolution) via CodeProject.AI
Added full UI to administer CodeProject.AI server from Agent DVR
Added options to test AI servers
Added AI module discovery to Object Recognition
Added transparency to timestamp and overlays
Added option for auto font size to timestamp settings
Bug fixes
Updated Userguide
2/3/2023 tweaks
Add NDI device discovery and support
Add NDI PTZ controller
1/4/2023 back some connection changes that seem to have introduced some rare issues
Add support for new API
Add connection troubleshooting settings to server settings (option to wait on startup for connection and specify the connection method).
Ignore audio instead of abort on raw recordings when audio codec is not supported by ffmpeg.
Remove check for running instance at startup.
Translations update
12/22/2022 memory leak when restricting number of files to UI
Add specific date option to scheduler
Add new format option to MJPEG streamer
Update UI for PTZ controller (and add top 9 alphanumeric presets)
Add option to ONVIF settings to restrict directional controls for cameras that only support up/down/left/right.
Bug fixes.
12/17/2022 a crashing bug on OSX/Linux12/8/2022 validation
UI speedup for editing
Fix issue with mjpeg ignoring maintainAR parameter
Add new PTZ patrol feature
Add option to display times in server time or local time to UI (to account menu - theme settings)
12/8/2022 default timeout for signalr connection and add it to config.xml11/29/2022 native support for SSL certificates and passwords for Linux/ OSX
Add file format setting to recording for audio devices (MP3/ OGG/ WAV)
Add crop option for AI filter and Object detector (will cut out detected objects in photos).

Fix audio streaming endpoint issue
Add load more to time machine UI if load restricted
Update location selection for time zones with map control
Don't revert GPU-CPU permanently on decode failure
Fix issue with linux based admin scripts
Add support for video snapshots to be sent in push messages to IOS

11/23/2022 ICE candidate bug for connection error11/4/2022 memory leak on aborted file downloads
Preserve zoom setting on playback of consecutive files with same camera
Log schedule actions
UI updates/ organization
Add ONVIF logging switch for detector events to server settings

11/4/2022 bug with cutting same file multiple times
Using 0 in storage management defaults to max limit
Added support for including a base64 live grab in actions
Fix issue when adding multiple actions
Strip colons from generated filenames to fix potential issue with ffmpeg
11/2/2022 frames on corrupt images11/1/2022 a bug with timestamps of cut files
Reduce sample interval of direct show local audio devices (remove delay)
Update (fix) google drive authorization process
Auto restart on select of different decoder
Add API endpoints to enable/ disable detector
11/1/2022 bug reading iSpyServer audio streams
Fix bug with cut recording (+download option)
Update schedule UI
Add sunrise/ sunset/ days of week to PTZ scheduler
Fix issue with downloading large files remotely
10/26/2022 issue with downloading archived files
Update version ID for netcore installs
Add option to SMTP settings to turn on/ off embedding images (also affects emails sent via ispyconnect services)
Add reload button for local device selects
Auto detect locale for email date time formatting
Use configuration locale for email date time formatting
10/22/2022 bug with database setup10/19/2022 reveal button to password fields (hidden if permissions login)
Database optimisations
Add max files and max photos settings to local server (restricts the number of files sent to the client for improved rendering). Default is disabled (0). If there are more files to load a "load more" button displays on photos and recordings tab.
Fix for accessing local audio devices on RPi.
UI updates
Fix for loading transparent png files on linux for overlays
JPEG stream now supports multiple other image types. Renamed to Image.
Added refresh interval settings for static images in image feed (for example to reload weather maps).
10/19/2022 memory leak on repeat reconnects
Fix issue with stuck reconnect on MJPEG internal decoder
Add FTP photo to AI options and object detect
10/9/2022 an issue with startup on windows10/7/2022 fixes
UI updates
Add option to download trimmed files
Much improved zoom UI (on files, time machine and live)
Remove RTMP push from free features (sorry was getting to be a support headache)
Add support for multiple RTMP servers
Add RTMP controls to API
Add RTMP default server controls to devices
Add RTMP control panel to server settings menu
Fix bug with built in MJPEG decoder
Fix DST issue for sunrise/ sunset calculations
Fix issue with Alert slot
Flip and rotate photos taken from URL source
Auto switch focused device in interval slot (with audio)

10/6/2022 switch udp-tcp whilst reconnecting cameras
Add auto filter option to views for filtering content based on selected device
Add start-rtmp-view to api
Add support for multiple AI servers (replaces override URL settings)

9/26/2022 issue with digest authentication on some ONVIF devices
move port.txt to Media/XML folder for persistance on docker
9/20/2022 issue with disappearing cameras
Fix issue with filename not merged into actions
Add actions to enable / disable timelapse
Add timelapse enable / disable to API
Remove proxy block for business license
Other bug fixes