Agent DVR


If you are on version or below and are running Linux or OSX or Docker then you will need to stop Agent before re-installing (backup the files in the AgentDVR folder first in case you have problems!):

  • LINUX: sudo systemctl stop AgentDVR
  • OSX: sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/

Then open a terminal window, go to where the existing AgentDVR folder is, for example ~/Desktop and run the install bash command for your OS from the download page. This is due to an FFmpeg and dotnet version bump. Running a normal update on these platforms will just reinstall v4.1.1.0. The installer will restart the service.

VersionUpdate InformationDate switch udp-tcp whilst reconnecting cameras
Add auto filter option to views for filtering content based on selected device
Add start-rtmp-view to api
Add support for multiple AI servers (replaces override URL settings)

9/26/2022 issue with digest authentication on some ONVIF devices
move port.txt to Media/XML folder for persistance on docker
9/20/2022 issue with disappearing cameras
Fix issue with filename not merged into actions
Add actions to enable / disable timelapse
Add timelapse enable / disable to API
Remove proxy block for business license
Other bug fixes
9/16/2022 upgrade script for linux9/15/2022 issue with buffer
Fix issue with raw timestamps
Ignore motion level on non simple detectors
9/15/2022 content header to onvif for device compat
Revert out-of-order packet code for raw recording
Remove time limit on AI filter region code
9/14/2022 flush issue on encoder
Add support for rtsp cameras that don't generate PTS/ DTS values
Fix xml save/ load issue on linux
9/13/2022 fixes
9/12/2022 issue with raw recording when camera timestamps are out of sequence
Add option to recording settings to use system clock instead of stream clock for raw recording
Fix issue with update script
9/5/2022 memory leak
UI updates
9/4/2022 updates
Fix issue with linux updater
Potential rare seg fault fix
Don't error on no faces

9/2/2022 fixes
Support more onvif devices (xml fault tolerance)
Add switch for raw recording playback transforms
Home Assistant profile switch fix
8/31/2022 issue with licensing in .net core
Fix issue with remote connections after .net 4.8 update
8/22/2022 if upgrading from Linux/ OSX/ Rpi you will need to run the installer again from the download page to install new dependencies

Update to FFmpeg v5
Update to .Net v6/ 4.8
Linux/ OSX/ RPi platforms use native builds (no seperate .net core install)
UI updates
Minor bug fixes
Faster ONVIF connect/ disconnect code
Support new ONVIF discovery api
Add support for native OSX ARM 64 (M1+)

Add option to storage settings to keep archived recordings in database
Re-write storage management code to reduce CPU usage
UI updates to support archived files
Add arrow key seeking in playback (speeds up / slows down during playback or frame by frame if paused)
Add 2 factor authentication to account settings on web portal
Add overlay for timestamp in RAW playback
Modify H265 raw record to only open codec if data missing in stream
Remove archival of recording thumbnails

7/20/2022 events on ui connected/ disconnected
adding camera without motion - just disable but set detector to simple
add push to talk mode in settings
store enabled actions in profiles
fix auth issue for photo url support
tag recordings with detect events
add meta data to raw recordings for rotate and flip support on playback
add hikvision talk
update copy settings
add default device setting to layouts
add reolink ai and motion endpoints to detector
use absolute path to ffmpeg
fix issue with usb device access on osx
add face not recognized option to events and option to save images
fix some hevc raw record issues
bug fixes
add to and from parameters to url options for static linking to date ranges
7/15/2022 set sensitivity to schedule
Add Email templates in smtp settings
Fix bug with editing mics
Add events to actions for ui connected / disconnected / no sessions
6/23/2022 back frame insert feature that's causing an issue on some systems6/20/2022 bug with face delete from deepstack/ senseAI
Add dynamic ffmpeg path testing for homebrew/ OSX.
6/16/2022 PTZ Preset picker for ONVIF devices
Add text border option for timestamp
Add support for senseAI (alternative to DeepStack)
Tag encoded recordings with timestamped detections
Tag recordings with output from object, LPR and face detectors
Update translations
UI bug fixes
6/15/2022 UI prompts and feedback to help with setup of advanced features
Add support for API Keys with DeepStack
Update translations
6/14/2022 issue with VR deinit
FTP files added back into queue on send failure.
6/10/2022 bug with archive
Update UI
Move Alerts Intelligence to Alert Filter in menu
Revert order of PTZ presets
Add feature enabled/ disabled banners to settings
Add interstitial frame when maximizing streams
Update translations
6/10/2022 an issue with mini player
Switch mini player to high res feed when configured
Add timestamp to high res live feed
Fix an issue with continuous record on continuous motion

6/7/2022 translations
Add option to FTP generated photos
Add sunrise/ sunset offset option
Add set min/ max/ gain to API
Rewrite logic for dumping buffer to recordings and switching between live and record stream when one is unavailable
Add timestamp based tagging to playback and display of tags on motion graph.
Duplicate ffmpeg stream options from live to record stream
Restart camera when record mode changed

6/6/2022 issue with SFTP paths
Fix small memory leak
Update ONVIF Add device UI
Work around some broken ONVIF implementations
Add recfps to add device API call.

5/27/2022 recording retry bug
Add deepstack model endpoint to server settings
Add joystick support toggle switch to themes
Fix issue with FTP concurrency
5/20/2022 bug when adding a layout not from live view
Fix bug with framebuffer
Add support for non onvif talk when using onvif camera
Add motion detect on/off to scheduler
Fix issue with num pad PTZ control
Add None decoder option for super low CPU usage

5/16/2022 issue editing storage locations on linux
Add gamepad support to live view for PTZ and controls
Add photo digital PTZ controls
Update translations
Digital PTZ upgrade
Fix issue with activity graph when using motion adaptive framerate
5/13/2022 fixes
Rare seek bug fix
Add turkish translations
Add adaptive record mode (record at low framerate and no audio unless motion is detected)
Add help button to all forms
Refactor some code
Add positional zoom in live and file playback

5/10/2022 FTP server setting to photos and videos
Add Finnish translations
Save max motion frame to thumbnail after recording finishes
Fix issue with alert/ detection on different tracking zones
Support culture changes on linux/rPi
4/28/2022 issue with add recording http command
Fix bug with zones and object tracking
Add danish translations
Add timestamp culture settings to server config
Add default timestamp formats to server config
4/26/2022 issue with alert groups when using AI filtering
Fix issue with photos view
New rendering system for fonts - support non ascii characters in timestamp and labels on linux
add STUN servers to server settings - local server
add default font to server settings - playback
4/20/2022 plugin compat for new Listen plugin (sound recognition)
Fix bug with actions on microphone
Add icons to edit device list showing state
Update ui flags when profile applied
Auto configure on source type change
Add translations to icons
Add new PTZ definition
4/14/2022 download and audio flags to permissions
Add group configurations to alerts system
Add Group Detect and Group Alert to recording mode options
Fix issue with photos display
Update timeline format
Fix issue with some .m3u8 streams
4/11/2022 fixes on playback from time machine and timeline
Add options to arm/ disarm control to arm and disarm groups (uses the groups field from General device settings)
Add options to arm-delay disarm and disarm - delay arm
Support per user views and filters in permissions (check the option to use this in permission settings on remote portal)
Add photos slot option for live viewer
Push new photos instead of reload list
Fix issue with .m3u8 streams
Add support for master .m3u8 streams
3/31/2022 scroll height bug
Update japanese translations
Auto pause on seek
Add frame by frame playback controls when paused.
3/22/2022 faster recording list loading
Fix memory leak on GPU enabled file playback
Fix race condition on database entries
Fix reconnect bug on onvif devices
Add Japanese translations
Add Deepstack tag translations
Translate Deepstack tags for tagging recordings, UI and overlays
Add option to hide/ show top and bottom bars for full size video playback (click Agent at the top of the UI)
Fix for scheduled RTMP start on startup.
Other UI updates, add more translations.
3/15/2022 aborted recordings to the database
Add logging
3/6/2022 issue with host name access
Add auto-zoom-out delay setting to PTZ
3/6/2022 QSV encoder (on windows must be in console mode)
UI bug fixes
Add webm hardware encode for linux
Support vp8 and h264 streaming cross platform
Fix bug with corrupted video in some raw recordings
3/4/2022 bug with new events
Fix bug with file timestamp
Fix bug with UI loading when passing credentials in as part of URL
2/27/2022 bug with local API
Enable specifying location as well as group when calling local API
Fix UI bug on touch devices (with playback)
Add option to upload images to face recognition instead of use camera.
Resize images on the client before upload

Add configuration options for GPU decoders and Encoders
Add Raspberry Pi GPU encoder (v4lm2m)
Fix issues with GPU decoding on linux using quicksync (and OSX)
Update translations
Add token logout for Reolink
Add update detection and button to local UI
Add file conversion and naming options to add recording API call
Add switches for labelling on AI snapshots
Unlock local VR mode for business licenses
Fix bug with passing AIJSON to MQTT events
Some UI bug fixes

2/25/2022 to add support for NixOS
Add crypto payment platform
Add licensing model (free for personal use)
Add GPU decoder driver selection to Advanced video source settings
Auto switch to UDP
Add logging to token replacement code
Default config media location when not available


Fix issue with scheduler
UI updates
Add auto reconnect option to account menu
Add auto reconnect within ui to client
Add environment variable check to set media location at setup time (AGENT_MEDIA_LOCATION)
Add Disabled mode to recording options to prevent all recording on a device
Send email on disk write failure
Limit retry write on full disk
Send UI message on full disk

2/11/2022 fixes
ftp logging updates
add warning to actions if messaging disabled
add context menu to UI
detect mobile firefox and warn
UI and rendering updates

added timeline/ files/ floorplans to layouts on live view
added gpu index setting for decoder
added sunrise and sunset settings to scheduler
added GPS to locations (for sunrise/ sunset calculations)
added alerts.json to local api
added probe size to ffmpeg settings
ui bug fixes
Add state tag to ONVIF events checker

2/2/2022 ffmpeg search path for new install scripts
Modify time display on playback
12/17/2021 faster event/ grab loading (with compression)
added locks around some connection code
UI updates for time machine
Add option to use snapshot URL instead of live frame grab for AI processing