Agent DVR

VersionUpdate InformationDate issue with loading locations 5/30/2024

Add support for more ONVIF talk devices
Order tags
UI updates
Fix issue with network audio devices

5/27/2024 check for custom models to AI code to work around bug in CPAI
Add ability to apply digital pan and zoom to encoded recordings (see recording tab - advanced)
Revert some code changes that were causing issues with Alexa streaming
Fix some Alexa account linking issues
Fix small bug in ONVIF talk client
5/24/2024 issue with MJPEG streaming (default fitType)
Fix issue with clearing the video feed when switching to HD sources
Add option to HD stream to maximised only or maximised + main layouts
Automatically pause/ play if browser is minimised/ restored.
5/18/2024 updates
Add NextCloud cloud upload provider
Add Trigger Adaptive Encode to microphone actions
Main camera now streams high res source if available
Optimise tag database (fix issue opening settings delay)
Add "controls" to permissions
Add cut option to time machine
Fix issue with some system events failing cyclic call check
Tag recordings with static objects
Add preliminary support for push message channels in actions (requires pending web platform updates)
Update some packages with vulnerability fixes

5/15/2024 version issue
UI updates
5/2/2024 issue with some rtsp streams5/1/2024 remove session button for current session
Add action adaptive encode mode to recording encoder modes.
Add trigger action adaptive encode to tasks
Add speed limit fields to pelco configuration
Add toggle to turn off pelco presets
Add option to include audio in push notifications
Display recording time in cut dialog
UI updates
5/1/2024 whitelabel options to licensing
Ignore tag checks on actions that don't use them
UI updates
4/22/2024 issue with unsupported transport
Add tag filtering for recording started/ recording stopped actions
Move server language selector to server settings General tab
Translate server error messages
Default action repeat timeout to 0
Add tag rule filtering (and/or) to some actions
4/19/2024 back transport updates
fix issue with keyboard ptz
fix issue with frame stepper
4/18/2024 / modify transport options in ffmpeg settings
Add loitering detector to actions (uses AI server) - detect people loitering, left baggage or cars parked too long.
4/17/2024 bug switching from tcp to udp
Fix bug panning on zoomed time machine view
Fix bug with thumbnail generation
Updates to S3 config and cloud UI
4/14/2024 issue with playing back recordings with large jumps in their timestamps
Save default view for time machine separately from live viewer
Add toggle to prevent Agent from auto switching between UDP and TCP when trying to connect to cameras.
4/11/2024 issue with timemachine
Faster deletion of objects
4/10/2024 tamper / covered camera detection to actions
Add opacity and zoom support to picture in picture
4/9/2024 fix for issue with duplicate recording entries
Add support for idle timeout in alerts
Add support for LDAP usergroup based permissions
4/8/2024 a bug when adding a camera for the first time opens 2 editors4/5/2024

Fix issue with motion graphs
Add UI option to disable recording information popup
Fix issue with VR controls
Update to LDAP Active Directory integration
Store minimum alert interval in profiles
Add CPU priority to server settings - general

4/4/2024 issue with SFTP
Add support for QSV Decoders
Add option to UI menu to disable recording info
Fix issue with VR controls
Fix issue with adding camera to grid when using wizard
Add set process priority to settings
Send RTSP-BYE on stream close
3/29/2024 ffmpeg installer
Add area name and detected zones to recording tags

Add Session Management to server menu (view current login sessions and terminate sessions).
Add LDAP integration for logins via LDAP server
GPU updates - fix issue with QSV Encoder. Add device and GPU recorder options to recording tab.
IMPORTANT: If you are using the GPU to encode to decode check your settings are still working after upgrading. You can control GPU encoding on the Recording tab under "Advanced" and decoding by editing the video source and selecting the Advanced tab.
Library upgrades
UI bug fixes

3/21/2024 bug with skip to motion feature (playback error)3/4/2024 H265, VP8 and VP9 encoders to recording settings
Rewrite GPU encoder code
Add audio overlay in motion graphs
Fix bug with recordingupdated event handler
Optimise motion and audio graph data
Add reolink motion channel support
3/4/2024 for bug with editing audio devices
Updates to database
Increase max buffer length to 60 seconds
2/29/2024 support for channel parameter in reolink detector configuration
Maximising streams now use low res until high res is connected
Added motion search to filter options -
(will only work when using tracking object detectors or AI and with new recordings)
Fix bug with account reset scripts
Ensure tags are passed to start recording actions
Translate connection based messages for logging

2/27/2024 issue uploading to SFTP on linux
Remove some locks
Update onvif talk
2/19/2024 puppeteerSharp to resolve issue with web browser source type2/18/2024 updates
Fix bug with audio permissions
Fixed issue with case sensitivity for downloads on linux
Added onvif discovery switch to settings
Fixed issue with reconnecting record streams
2/16/2024 CPU, SPACE and MEMORY to timestamp fields
Updates to work with updates to codeproject AI
Add Record Constant Mode option to scheduler
Add Generate Thumnails option to recording advanced section (so you can turn off thumbnail generation if you want)
UI updates (add various warning messages for configuration options)
2/6/2024 OpenAI integration (ChatGPT) - ask Chat GPTs vision endpoint questions about what's happening in your video and perform tasks. See AI Scene Recognition (Requires OpenAI Developer Key).
Add Scene Recognition tasks and events and scheduler operations
Update Skia library
UI updates
Rename Themes Settings to UI Settings
Add Icons option to UI Settings (show current status in live view).
Support sub directory root for local server
Add more messaging for AI setup / warnings
Reformat device scanner
Add Enable/ Disable GPU recording to API

Fix issue with some m3u8 streams
Add api endpoints for AI toggles

1/16/2024 support for enable/ disable face, object recognition, lpr and sound recognition via API and actions
fix snapshotting AI when crop and label disabled
1/14/2024 font issue
Timelapse recording ignores camera disconnects
1/12/2024 large jpeg images1/12/2024 issue with WebBrowser source on OSX
Add support for file saving on iOS after apple update
More fixes for handling invalid characters in XML files
1/11/2024 lock from audio overlay (perf)
1/9/2024 update
Add expandable PTZ joystick controller
Security update
Add constant recording mode
Add Japanese and Korean
Update userguide links
Fix for saving config with invalid characters
1/9/2024 issue with color of AI overlays
Add overlays to alert images (when available)

fix dshow issue with devices with null name
install specific version of ffmpeg for OSX
try onvif events even if it says not supported
update ptz joystick controller
return more friendly error messages from codeproject AI

12/14/2023 issue with assigning actions to tasks
Update userguide links to new userguide
12/7/2023 bug with applying advanced settings changes
Add colour for AI overlay to object recognition config
Fix issue with playing back some raw recordings
Update users so they can be migrated successfully
UI updates
11/29/2023 packages
Rollback skia package update due to issue on Mac OSX
UI updates
Add more config warning messages
URL action Accept header fix

11/23/2023 memory access issue
Update nuget packages
Add enhanced support for ios and android apps
Add speed support for ptz xml descriptions
Add connecting screen when maximising raw feeds
11/16/2023 for compatibility with updates to mobile apps
Fix issue with ptz actions via URL requests
UI updates
11/6/2023 issue with rendering some action summaries10/29/2023

UI updates
Fix issue with raw recording on some streams
Add support for setting detector zone on other devices in actions
Fix issue reconnecting some onvif event streams
Add integration points for upcoming mobile app updates
Fix issue with stale images on mjpeg feeds
Update auth check to not be case sensitive on auth type
Add option to themes to keep playback controls on screen
Keep controls on screen if mouse over
Display playback controls on time machine
Add LWT support to MQTT - see MQTT settings
Fix issue with some alert flags not being set on recordings under some circumstances

10/28/2023 issue with downloads to IOS devices
10/18/2023 updates
Playback updates
Log cloud upload failures
Add scroll momentum for touch devices
Update raw writer for better audio sync
Updates to work with new CPAI API changes
10/16/2023 issue with AI server up/ down actions
Fix layout issue at low resolution