VersionUpdate InformationDate ffmpeg search path for new install scripts
Modify time display on playback
12/17/2021 faster event/ grab loading (with compression)
added locks around some connection code
UI updates for time machine
Add option to use snapshot URL instead of live frame grab for AI processing
12/15/2021 issue editing cameras using PTZ definitions with no extended commands
Fix issue deleting and skipping recordings whilst playing back
12/8/2021 time machine screen - playback synchronized recorded content in the live viewer
Various UI updates and tweaks
Fix issue with tray application contacting service
UI updates for mobile compatibility
Add swipe to navigate recordings/ photos on mobile
12/6/2021 bug fixes
UI updates
Add merge options to copy settings
Filter upgraded
Edit flags
Add onvif relay state integration into actions
11/19/2021 updates
Fix issue with 3D viewer on FireFox
Add UI updates for tensorflow plugin (wip)
Update logic for adding cameras and choosing recording endpoints
Fix issue with playback resolution when zooming
Potential fix for crash on raw recorder exit
11/12/2021 memory leak issue with experimental RTSP decoder
Fix issue with German translations breaking action editor
Fix issue deleting current recording when no recordings left in queue
Other bug fixes in UI
Support empty to and from dates in filter
Filter tag search whitespace bugfix
Update sources database
Update PTZ database
Faster startup for local server
Don't overwrite backup config files if fail to load them in
Update to reconnect logic
Update NAudio library
11/9/2021 bug with decimal encoding non invariant locales11/5/2021 bug fixes11/5/2021 RTSP mode to TCP
Add LPR mask options
Add microphone overlay options to camera audio settings
Audio display orients depending on width/ height
Add fore/ back color options to microphones
Editable layouts with slots for grids, intervals, alerts and motion triggered devices
Backup and restore layouts
Add multiple devices to slots where they will be rotated in sequence
Add date view mode to recordings and photos
Add api trigger option to FTP and Photos
Add interval trigger option to facial recognition, LPR and object recognition
Update local 3D viewer
Add Now button to timeline
Update to support HD max stream playback if not recording raw
Add DeepStack request interval
Add support for alternate DeepStack servers
Scrolling camera names if space constrained on live view
Add saved filters
Add get/post/put/patch and body fields to URL action
Sort filters and tasks alphabetically
Bug fixes
11/4/2021 issue with plugins on Windows builds
Update PTZ controller to make arrows clickable for small movements
Fix an issue with audio from some devices when using plugins
10/15/2021 bug with filter date range
Add 270 degree rotation option
Add 270 degree PTZ rotation option
Image rotation optimisation
Add limits to storage notification email
Save last notification email sent date in config
Add Interval setting for storage email notification

10/14/2021 updates for plugin support
10/13/2021 missing json file on linux
Add lots more flags into profile settings
Major overhaul of plugin code
Open sourced the plugins at
Added Barcode detection plugin

Add language packs for Bengali, Hindi and Arabic
Support RightToLeft languages
Add Disabled profile
Add new Security tab to Server Settings - auto apply a profile when arming or disarming
Add alternate MJPEG decoder option to MJPEG settings
Update date formatting code to use moment
Fix rare crash issue when recording multi channel audio
Fix issue with telegram integration
Add auto page reload on lost connection (on local server)

10/7/2021 issue with translations9/27/2021 issue with applying schedule at startup
Fix rare hang issue with onvif devices.
9/27/2021 fixes
New PTZ controller
UI updates and bug fixes
Add ability to lock files (prevent deletion by storage management)
Auto tag recordings with deepstack
New Alerts interface with image grabs
Add block external access option to server settings
Add block external access to API
Add option to play HD feed when camera maximised (see advanced video source settings)
Show used/ available tags when tagging recordings
Add auto lock tag option to server settings - so when deepstack detects something you are looking for it can automatically lock the recording.
Add icons to recordings and timeline view to show which events include alerts and more - see recordings userguide.
Add new tags UI and locations to filter system.
Add alerted and AI alerted switches to filter system.
Apply filter to new events
Add new motion zones system to detector - so you can alert on one zone and record on detect with the other. See the new zone button on the motion detector area controls.
Set motion zone to trigger on in Alerts.
Add switches to DeepStack to ignore repeat alerts in the same place.
DeepStack will now cross check the zone the object was detected in to determine if it should alert.
Updated digital PTZ control (bug fixes)
Browser performance improvement.

Updated userguide with the above updates.
9/24/2021 issue in multi channel audio encoding
Fix issue with gif writer
Add feature in playback to edit recordings
Add cors header to local server for API
9/14/2021 zoom recordings when zoom live
Crash fix for raw recording
Ignore audio if unsupported conversion
9/12/2021 bug with executing some ptz presets
Save last 5 logs to media directory
Don't auto remove storage location if not available

9/11/2021 support for Telegram (new Agent DVR telegram bot provides live notifications and controls - see Telegram in server menu)
Fix bug with zoom whilst playing back on timeline
Fix bug with record by cpu whilst rotated
Add fill space mode to general tab when editing camera (controls display of camera in live view)
Add new tasks system for manual and API triggering of custom actions
Pass play/ pause commands to server to conserve CPU usage.
Other bug fixes and optimizations.
9/10/2021 issue with 3rd party integrations8/20/2021 performance improvements
Improve memory usage
UI updates
Bug fixes
Add region matching for AI filter
Enhanced fast playback
Reduce latency (set max delay to 0 in ffmpeg settings)
Add ffmpeg logging mode to general server settings
Add play directory to file playback
Add lock layout to live view

8/20/2021 startup bug for new installs.7/30/2021 optimisations
fix playback bug with nest cameras
obfuscate passwords in wizard
add log max size to config in server settings
less latency in playback
add switch to autohide nav bar in file playback to themes
7/30/2021 memory leak in raw writer7/24/2021 auto hide to playback nav bar
Add notifications to playback UI
Revert low delay flag to ffmpeg media player
7/23/2021 GPU encode/ decode support for windows version when running as a service (d3d11va)7/22/2021 update
Fix memory leak in Windows text renderer
Add cycle option to MJPEG endpoint
Add delete to recycle bin on Windows
Add manual archive to UI
Fix issues with some theme color conflicts
Re-write deepstack alert filter
7/20/2021 timeline / recording metadata bug7/10/2021 compatibility fix7/9/2021 security for local server
Fix bug with copy from feature in web ui
Auto roll back to opencv text if issue with windows text rendering
Add support for ONVIF media2 devices (H265)
Add support for ONVIF devices with missing standards
Show full local device identifiers on Windows
Auto populate recording details if missing in database when playback starts
Fix issue with multiple alerts when waiting for deepstack response
Fix issue with warning about duplicate timestamps when encoding
Add local SSL support if subscription active.
Use file creation time in archiver time merge instead of archiver run time
7/9/2021 bug with storage managment (use local time, not UTC time)
Fix bug with storage management (parse grabs properly)
Add grabs archive location to configuration
Fix bug with object tracking/ alert generation
UI updates
Ffmpeg logging updates
Move image tags from xml to database
7/3/2021 system font based text rendering (on windows)
Add font, bold, align option to timestamp
Add layout options to timestamp
Add font outline mode to timestamp (on windows)
Add multiple line support to timestamp
Add timestamp set and append to API (for weather information etc)
Add use opencv text rendering switch to settings/ playback
Fix bug with multiple alerts when using tracker based detector
UI updates
Reduce latency with http video sources
Auto size text overlays based on resolution
Fix bug with recording fallback when record url fails or there is an error writing the file
Add unrecognised API call response
Add 30 second timeout on object trackers


Add time format to theme setting
Bug fix for scheduled record start when camera unavailable
Remove local SSL support (use SSL via website)

6/24/2021 bug in reconnect on webservices failure logic
Add error responses to API calls
Add validation to storage settings
Add storage management interval to settings
6/16/2021 bug with confidence setting on alert filter.6/14/2021 ffmpeg library version
fix issue with streaming some rtsp streams
performance improvements
add dynamic sizing to file playback
add loop option to audio files
add object recognition subsystem to cameras
add object recognition to API
add no plate detected event
add object found and object not found events
add select all button to UI + devices
fix issues with playback speed with audio only files
fix event device selection bug

6/14/2021 issue with missing face config on new devices
Improve local device detection on linux
Add 360 degree unwrap mode to Image Correction
Updates to user interface
Link alerts to timeline
Add support for playback whilst recording (for raw recordings or VP8 encoded recordings)
Add live updates in UI for recordings
Move alerts subsystem to database for persistant storage
Show video timestamp on playback nav controller
Fix bug with seek whilst playback paused
Hide devices on timeline with no recordings
Update rtsp code to fix bug with no teardown/ goodbye signal sent by ffmpeg
Playback recordings on timeline now seek to events from alert UI
Add timeout setting to server settings (General) to disconnect the session for people using permissions
Add recording start notification for recordings where instant playback is possible.

5/31/2021 issue with local access with no internet connection
UI fixes.
5/21/2021 support for deepstack facial recognition
Add face capture and management
Add actions and scheduler options for facial recognition
Fix bug with ptz scheduler
Add ptz scheduler suspend
Move ptz scheduler to configure option
Updated userguide
5/19/2021 PTZ preset controls to sidebar if on large display
With PTZ active, arrow keys control PTZ
Support multiple key presses for PTZ (diagonals)
Detect failed raw encode and fallback to normal encode
Fix crashing issue when encoder setup fails.
Remove server settings access for people without permissions
Add No Window option for executable action
Fix a couple of display format issues
Add Arm/ Disarm Agent System to scheduler
Add invert option to FTP images code when using counter (so latest image is 0, older images are renamed)
Add support for theme and variant setting via URL (see api in userguide)
Add recordRestart command to API for stopping the recording and immediately starting again - see api in userguide.
Fix issue with some ONVIF profile names breaking json encoding.
Display onvif RTSP URLs in ONVIF device selection.
5/14/2021 tray application in windows:
fix crash bug on invalid network resolution
add camera thumbnail
style updates and links to userguide
Fix issue with object tracking tracking objects into masked zones when dark
Fix bug when multiple action events fired simultaneously only one run
Add date detail to logs.html
4/30/2021 some issues with H265 raw recording playback
Other recording playback fixes
Add text-to-speech browser alert action
Add ability to choose audio file for browser alert
4/25/2021 support for LPR recognition with events and API
Add auto udp switchover for cameras
Add auth header option for Post action
Updates to translations and UI

4/20/2021 issue with reconnecting lost record URLs (when the live URL is not lost)
Discard audio from raw recordings if Ignore Audio is checked on the camera
Add delete controls to playback and photo viewer
Fix bug with PTZ scheduler not accepting seconds in start time
Fix bug with PTZ scheduler not displaying error messages on validation

4/15/2021 userguide
Fix issue with digi nav on disabled camera
Add PTZ definitions
UI updates
Fix issue with vlolume level UI
Add next and previous photo buttons (when selected photos in edit mode)
Progressively add tags from deepstack to recordings
Suspend alerts on detector reset
Audio processing optimisation
4/13/2021 upload optimisation
Warn on Windows N version with media pack missing
Add deepstack tags to captured image
Set min delay to 0.5 seconds for image saving on alert and detect (prevent image flood)
Add snapshot taken translation
Add video.gif endpoint in API for animated gif capture
Fix race condition with filenames and action merge
4/5/2021 sound from startup (non chrome)3/30/2021