VersionUpdate InformationDate issue with paths on Google Drive
Fix issue with upside down cameras and motion detection areas
6/2/2020 updates for VLC
Added basic auth support for local server
Add link for home assistant
5/27/2020 some issues with VLC
Update VLC library
Add link to Home Assistant
Remove check for localhost from local UI.
5/22/2020 for disabling disconnected onvif devices
Fix for random broken recording when using GPU encoder
5/20/2020 update to fix connection issues with some cameras
Add command line option to generate remote access code on systems without GUI.
Add timed retry to connect to drives on startup.
Remove username and password from displayed URLs
Add debug information to storage monitor
Fix issue with remote connections for Windows 7


Security update - fix for discovered exploit (directory traversal)
Fix for issue with interval photos
Performance updates for server

5/15/2020 for some reconnect issues
Add MQTT responses on Agent/responses channel
Add MQTT logging
Fix some casing issues for paths on Linux/ OSX
5/11/2020 an issue when editing microphones
Fix an issue with MQTT
Fix an issue with VLC integration (rollback plugin)
Add FFmpeg, VLC and internal options to MJPEG decoder
5/8/2020 a hang on exit due to signalr service update
Add logging to storage management
5/6/2020 an issue with reconnecting MJPEG feeds
Fix a potential issue with timelapse frames
5/5/2020 issue with stopping RTMP
Updates to UI
Fix issue with Firefox on windows on localhost
5/4/2020 for bug when updating agent via the web interface
Add back in previous MJPEG code for handling some cameras (Use ffmpeg via IP Camera option if possible for raw recording support)

Add Linux and Mac versions
Add Windows 7+ version
Rewrite webrtc code
Rewrite motion detection code
New version of OpenCV
Note: breaking changes for plugins. Please reinstall plugins after updating.

4/28/2020 for HA
Fix for missing icons
Update for VLC integration
Add Groups and Locations into alert action merge
3/20/2020 profiles - default night, away, home
UI updates
Language updates
API updates to support upcoming Home Assistant integration
3/11/2020 to connection code
Fix for MQTT issues
2/28/2020 to fix issues with UTF8 encoding
UI updates
Bug fixes
Added Intelligent analyser (using YOLO) to alerts to block alerts if certain objects aren't detected (like people or animals)
Updated FFMPEG and other libraries
2/27/2020 fix for remote connection hang2/14/2020 for recording bug using VP82/12/2020 RAW writer to work with some additional codecs
Added events.json endpoint for 3rd party integrations
Updated translations