VersionUpdate InformationDate PTZ preset controls to sidebar if on large display
With PTZ active, arrow keys control PTZ
Support multiple key presses for PTZ (diagonals)
Detect failed raw encode and fallback to normal encode
Fix crashing issue when encoder setup fails.
Remove server settings access for people without permissions
Add No Window option for executable action
Fix a couple of display format issues
Add Arm/ Disarm Agent System to scheduler
Add invert option to FTP images code when using counter (so latest image is 0, older images are renamed)
Add support for theme and variant setting via URL (see api in userguide)
Add recordRestart command to API for stopping the recording and immediately starting again - see api in userguide.
Fix issue with some ONVIF profile names breaking json encoding.
Display onvif RTSP URLs in ONVIF device selection.
5/14/2021 tray application in windows:
fix crash bug on invalid network resolution
add camera thumbnail
style updates and links to userguide
Fix issue with object tracking tracking objects into masked zones when dark
Fix bug when multiple action events fired simultaneously only one run
Add date detail to logs.html
4/30/2021 some issues with H265 raw recording playback
Other recording playback fixes
Add text-to-speech browser alert action
Add ability to choose audio file for browser alert
4/25/2021 support for LPR recognition with events and API
Add auto udp switchover for cameras
Add auth header option for Post action
Updates to translations and UI

4/20/2021 issue with reconnecting lost record URLs (when the live URL is not lost)
Discard audio from raw recordings if Ignore Audio is checked on the camera
Add delete controls to playback and photo viewer
Fix bug with PTZ scheduler not accepting seconds in start time
Fix bug with PTZ scheduler not displaying error messages on validation

4/15/2021 userguide
Fix issue with digi nav on disabled camera
Add PTZ definitions
UI updates
Fix issue with vlolume level UI
Add next and previous photo buttons (when selected photos in edit mode)
Progressively add tags from deepstack to recordings
Suspend alerts on detector reset
Audio processing optimisation
4/13/2021 upload optimisation
Warn on Windows N version with media pack missing
Add deepstack tags to captured image
Set min delay to 0.5 seconds for image saving on alert and detect (prevent image flood)
Add snapshot taken translation
Add video.gif endpoint in API for animated gif capture
Fix race condition with filenames and action merge
4/5/2021 sound from startup (non chrome)3/30/2021 issue with updater
Updates to FTP
Add max queue to ftp config
FTP rewrite (optimisation)
Reset zoom on edit (persist)
Fixes for issue with RTMP stream
API endpoint to add device added
Add Delete button to edit device
UI layout tweaks
Fix issue with Exe action on windows
Fix issue with .sh action on linux
3/29/2021 updates
New floorplan UI
Add browser alert action
Fix issue with delete via API
Fix issue with playback of some recordings
Fix issue with picture in picture
Add call to bash for linux .sh scripts
Add debug logging for linux bash commands
Include captured deepstack image in url post when triggered
3/24/2021 issue with translations3/19/2021 resolution for local client
Add max stream resolution settings to server configuration (default 2k)
Add api call to set detector zone area
3/19/2021 updates
Add timeline live cameras
Standard grips on controls
Combine detector and live views for detector config
Add overlay option to General tab on cameras
Add file upload to server menu
Add full size interval rotate option to grid view
Fix issue with embed viewer in home assistant (remote)
Fix rare crash bug with detectors.
3/17/2021 trip wire counter reset between disconnects
Update profile UI
Add change profile to action list
Send test message on save of SMTP details
Add schedule action for push on/off
Sort schedule action list
3/11/2021 MQTT QoS setting to server settings
Updates to UI
Add lots of new themes to themes settings
Add live notification for out of disk space errors
Add option to not resize images for SMTP alerts (in SMTP settings)
Add parameter options for executable actions
Update camera database
3/8/2021 issue with record onvif streams
Add support for new floor plan features
Floor plan controls, UI updates.
2/25/2021 small memory leak
Update VR library
Add ability to move control panel in VR
Fix bug with trip wire counters
Add ping command to server (command.cgi?cmd=ping)
2/19/2021 issue with network audio sources
Fix issue with plugin editing (plugin editing is now only via online portal)
Fix issue with selecting recordings when playing back multiple
Update ffmpeg code to find best streams
Fix issue with photo and ftp counter reseting
2/18/2021 bug with missing decoders2/14/2021 bug with signalr connection
Add MQTT auto events feature