Agent DVR

VersionUpdate InformationDate bug with applying advanced settings changes
Add colour for AI overlay to object recognition config
Fix issue with playing back some raw recordings
Update users so they can be migrated successfully
UI updates
11/29/2023 packages
Rollback skia package update due to issue on Mac OSX
UI updates
Add more config warning messages
URL action Accept header fix

11/23/2023 memory access issue
Update nuget packages
Add enhanced support for ios and android apps
Add speed support for ptz xml descriptions
Add connecting screen when maximising raw feeds
11/16/2023 for compatibility with updates to mobile apps
Fix issue with ptz actions via URL requests
UI updates
11/6/2023 issue with rendering some action summaries10/29/2023

UI updates
Fix issue with raw recording on some streams
Add support for setting detector zone on other devices in actions
Fix issue reconnecting some onvif event streams
Add integration points for upcoming mobile app updates
Fix issue with stale images on mjpeg feeds
Update auth check to not be case sensitive on auth type
Add option to themes to keep playback controls on screen
Keep controls on screen if mouse over
Display playback controls on time machine
Add LWT support to MQTT - see MQTT settings
Fix issue with some alert flags not being set on recordings under some circumstances

10/28/2023 issue with downloads to IOS devices
10/18/2023 updates
Playback updates
Log cloud upload failures
Add scroll momentum for touch devices
Update raw writer for better audio sync
Updates to work with new CPAI API changes
10/16/2023 issue with AI server up/ down actions
Fix layout issue at low resolution
10/11/2023 issue with storage management
Add support for live recording playback/ new recordings in Time Machine
10/10/2023 mark all as read option to alerts
Add summary to storage dropdown
Run storage monitor at startup - delay
agent commands - use server name (mqtt)
ftp upload on event
cloud upload on event
tag current recording api - tagrecording?ot=2&oid=1&tag=something
use grid for point calculation in rectangle
updates for PTZ presets
Grid search for AI tracking
fix bug with autoplay audio
add live scrubbing to time machine - use previous version by unchecking "enable scrubbing" in server settings - local server
ui updates
add digest support to JPEG url
fix issue with fake param in some JPEG endpoints
10/9/2023 pin control to alerts list
Fix issue with locking/ unlocking live recording
Some UI tweaks
9/23/2023 issue with deleting ONVIF PTZ presets
Remove default Center preset
Add notice about using RTMP for Reolink to wizard
Add notice about stopping scan for testing to wizard
9/15/2023 time machine device selection bug9/14/2023 issue with time machine9/14/2023 UI - optimise mobile mode
Add email with video option (with pre-event buffer)
add photo option to actions and schedule
Add default cloud upload provider
Add ability to name actions
Add support for other S3 providers (than just Amazon)
Restructure the device editing menu and move some controls
Fix issue with PTZ schedule editor when camera not active

Copy more object recognition properties in device copier
Add AI responses to debug logs
Other bug fixes
9/13/2023 UI
Add support for upcoming Google Home integration
8/22/2023 bug with zone settings blocking actions when using simple detector8/14/2023 UI8/10/2023 for enabling GPU support on OSX
Faster downloads
Update to M3U8 streams (Nest)
Add MediaWriter DTS / PTS check

8/7/2023 issue with windows installer8/4/2023 bug with duplicate alert events
Fix bug with merging dates into json packets in actions

8/4/2023 to stream resizer7/29/2023 issue with reconnecting to some ONVIF event streams
Add ability to add/ edit/ delete motion zone area configurations
Add action to apply motion area configuration
Add task to set PTZ presets on devices
Added action to run when PTZ Preset is called
(so you can apply motion detection areas based on PTZ preset)
Add schedule actions to apply motion areas
Update object tracking detectors to raise events in motion zone areas
UI updates/ minor bug fixes
Add option to local server to use SSL only
Add change password to local users account menu
Fix bug with loading in config when media location is unavailable resetting configuration (now logs error instead)
Optimise resize of video when browser resized.
Update userguide

7/28/2023 download timeout for ffmpeg install7/21/2023 PTZ issue
Playback optimizations
Fix issue with 32 bit ARM download
7/20/2023 of UI bug fixes7/19/2023 ffmpeg installer page
Add markers for timelapse and regular recordings on timeline view
Fix some minor bugs with PTZ controller
7/19/2023 image resizing code (use more efficient algorithm)
Add Use High Performance Resize option to system settings - playback which will use a very fast resizer but also will result in some loss of visual quality.
Fixed an issue with the MJPEG internal decoder
Fixed an issue with FFMPEG buffer alignment
Added AI down and AI up events. These events are throttled to 1 every 60 seconds.
Fixed issue with ONVIF PTZ configuration setup
Added variable speed control to PTZ controller in digital and onvif modes.
Gamepad and virtual joystick PTZ controls now support variable speed.

7/17/2023 some minor ui bugs
Close dialogs on back pressed
Playback timing updates
7/10/2023 imaging library
Add support for SSL to ONVIF
Add workarounds to ONVIF to support some non-conforming devices
UI updates - add live skip back and links to device specific recordings and photos
Add back support to UI for SPA navigation
Replace icons with textual information on live display and video feeds
Fixes for compatiblity with ARM 32 bit on Docker
7/8/2023 support for onvif devices without authentication
Add HTTP port override setting for ONVIF JPEG support on external networks
6/30/2023 ONVIF updates6/27/2023 bug with ONVIF http digest auth on linux6/25/2023 bug with raw recording
Fix some onvif bugs
Add warning about action for AI triggers
Fix bug with dropbox

Add WyzeBridge PTZ support (make sure your camera name matches the camera name in WyzeBridge. Choose WyzeBridge on PTZ tab and specify the port WyzeBridge is using).
Add Amazon S3 cloud upload
Fix issues with DropBox
Add ONVIF http digest fixes for linux/ osx
Workaround issue in ffmpeg 6 with m3u8 sources
Fix issues with ONVIF Talk

6/23/2023 fixes
Add Agent DVR remote talk feature (talk to other instances of Agent DVR over the network)
Add authentication to logs.html
Fix issue with AI run on motion throttling
Logging overhaul
Remove locks / restructure internals
Add parameters for auto login on local (pass un=xxx&pwd=xxx)
Fix issue with RTMP audio streaming
Add use photo url option to FTP
Update CPAI integration
Add SDL talk for local talk support on Linux / OSX
Add support for RTMP main stream (HD) playback

6/9/2023 FFmpeg 6 version that was crashing on missing GPU drivers
Add TURN server option to local server settings

WARNING: 32 bit ARM version does not have a compatible FFmpeg v6 built at this time - only update if you can get one through your distribution.

Upgrade to FFMPEG v6 - Backup your current install!
Add Trigger Recording action (with timeout)
Bug fixes
Add indexeddb support in local browsers for image caching

5/9/2023 issue with ffmpeg version on linux4/24/2023 bug with setting up remote access when local user account created
Fix bug with action zones and using no object found event
Update ffmpeg code to remove all deprecated code
Fix bug with visualization on audio recording playback
4/24/2023 test button to add camera wizard
Add default option to filters (name one default to apply on load)
4/20/2023 bug with handling empty zone list
Add recognized sound overlay option to camera audio view
Cache base64 jpegs for 1 second to reduce load
4/12/2023 bug with zone filtering4/11/2023 Web Browser source type
UI updates
Add PTZ support to floor plans
Add arm/ disarm trigger to actions
Add some logging output to storage manager
Add variable distance check options to object tracking (check corners). Instead of checking the corners of bounding boxes on AI and object detection areas, Agent will now check a set distance limit from the center point. See Check Corners in object recognition and other AI tabs and tracking detectors for more info.
Add detected Audio tags and confidence to microphone visualizations (overlay checkbox in AI sound recognition configuration).
Add Icons to devices on general tab for display on floorplans.
4/10/2023 issue with opendrive
Reolink AI detector now raises object found events and tags alerts
Fall back to load backup objects file if objects file is corrupted
3/31/2023 go to preset task option
Keep onvif connections alive so PTZ works via commands when camera disabled
Only fire enable event when response received from device
UI updates to Alert Summary
Show historical limits on audio visualization
Add switch to block alerts when AI server is down
Add talk to user permissions
3/29/2023 bug with applying profile on arm from UI not applying home profile3/26/2023 issue with Reolink AI integration3/25/2023 bug with multiple action tasks filtering zone list
Add support for http based digest authentication on ONVIF devices