VersionUpdate InformationDate a bug with GPU decoding on linux
Added support for plugins on linux and OSX.
Demo Visual Studio project for plugins in the website userguide
Add fields to API, details in the website userguide
11/27/2020 issue with setting archive flag on storage settings for devices
Add aspect ratio and background color option to video.mjpg and grab.jpg API calls (maintainAR=true/false, backColor=R,G,B) eg maintainAR=true&backColor=255,0,0
Update translations
Save and apply forced recording state in profiles
Add error detection to raw recorder and fallback to use software encoder if it fails

11/5/2020 flag to ffmpeg for headless device support on linux
Add shortcut keys S for server menu, C for commands
Hide some windows specific controls on OSX/Linux

10/16/2020 to object tracking code - add KCF and CSRT trackers (CSRT most accurate but highest CPU usage)
Add object limit to tracker (default 3)
Updated trip wire code, add total mode and repeat trigger options
Added filename display to ui for recordings
Added marker to recordings if not watched
10/9/2020 bug with basic auth on some devices
Add cpu throttling message and login failed message for camera scanner
Modify behaviour of Redect mode (will record until motion stops)
Remove wait for user input from reset call
10/6/2020 usage improvement
Final updates for Alexa integration
Remeber digital pan and zoom settings

9/28/2020 for Alexa and Google Home integrations
Add disarm code to settings
Default instance name to Agent instead of computer name
9/24/2020 for local caching issue in browser9/18/2020 option to bind to a specific network interface
Added option to change server port from web ui
Updates to support new IFTTT commands
Add force SSL option to local network connections (requires SSL certificate)
Added code for upcoming Alexa and Google Home integration
Updated webrtc for video feeding to Alexa Show devices
Onvif updates (prevent blocking)
WebUI bug fixes
Fix issue with FTP
Fix bug with resize crash
9/17/2020 for linux version
Updates for IFTTT
Performance improvements
8/20/2020 issue with trackers on OSX and Linux
Add integration points for new actions via IFTTT
8/19/2020 to UI
Improvements to motion detectors and tracking code
ZeroConf update
Windows tray app updated to detect instances of Agent on network
Add basic authentication support to tray app

8/17/2020 a bug with some IP camera connections8/7/2020 bug fixes
Add pan and zoom control to file playback.
8/7/2020 an issue with timelapse recordings on osx/linux
Numerous updates to UI
Improved accessibility
Add long press to enable edit mode on recordings/ photos

8/3/2020 fixes
Updates to AI libraries
Add tag option to record/record stop api calls
Add column display to alert list (on desktop)
Update translations
Add alternate (override) video URL option for ONVIF sources
Improve digital zoom and pan controls
7/30/2020 new alerts notification system into client UI
Updates to UI
7/20/2020 TURN server integration for Docker
Fix bug with copied alert action configuration
Add notice about switching on network discovery if no network devices found (on windows)
7/15/2020 to VLC code
Fix issue with cloud upload settings

Add code to detect and use local turn server config for docker installs
Add option to copy devices
Add UI to copy various settings between devices
Fix display of time when editing schedule entries
Add new Mask editor (remove mask image selector)