VersionUpdate InformationDate issue with record onvif streams
Add support for new floor plan features
Floor plan controls, UI updates.
2/25/2021 small memory leak
Update VR library
Add ability to move control panel in VR
Fix bug with trip wire counters
Add ping command to server (command.cgi?cmd=ping)
2/19/2021 issue with network audio sources
Fix issue with plugin editing (plugin editing is now only via online portal)
Fix issue with selecting recordings when playing back multiple
Update ffmpeg code to find best streams
Fix issue with photo and ftp counter reseting
2/18/2021 bug with missing decoders2/14/2021 bug with signalr connection
Add MQTT auto events feature
2/14/2021 scale mode to ffmpeg options
Add editor to settings for manual adjustment of onvif motion detector XML
Fix bug with onvif object tracking
Fix bug with onvif detector not reconnecting after power loss
Add API update for posting content
2/12/2021 Fixes2/1/2021 fixes2/1/2021 support for Axis Onvif motion events
Fix bug with write permission on backup files
Add prompt to add camera to database
UI updates (inline table editor)
Add text-to-speech
Add text-to-speech through camera
Fix issue with some talk providers
Take photo during playback now captures full frame instead of browser image
Add motion detect trigger api call
Add None trigger to actions list so action can be triggered by scheduler
Add Run action to scheduler
Update FTP frames code to support sub second intervals
Save enabled and recording state between restarts without applying schedule
Fix intermittent issue with record stream availability
1/31/2021 override URLs for ONVIF live and record URLs
Fix issue with mass photo deletes
Add more API endpoints (docks coming)
Fix issue with photos interval and minimum delay
Fix photos download on linux/ OSX
Write ffmpeg location to output
Force set ffmpeg location on Windows
1/21/2021 GPU crashing bug on linux for some formats
Add download button for photos
Add server name to page title
Add ARM 32 bit and AARCH 64 bit builds for Raspbian/ Linux
Scan multiple video devices on Linux
Scan for FFMPEG directory
1/19/2021 bug with merge on actions
Fix bug with constant motion end event
Add audio/ mute button to live screen
Add default view option to view select menu
Add middle click toggle for ptz
1/14/2021 a bug with controlling some PTZ cameras
Applied a delay to motion detection when controlling PTZ
Moved calibration delay to PTZ tab
Approx. 10x speed upgrade to editor rendering
Add {AIJSON} to available merge tags for event processing (deepstack AI)
Ignore non-motion events from ONVIF event streams

1/11/2021 URL option for snapshots
Add support for ONVIF snapshot URLs
Use snapshot URLs in timelapse
Add support for multiple channel and multiple bitrate recording on local windows devices
Fix issue for local audio devices on linux
Add code to automatically detect best audio source from network streams
Add None option to ONVIF main stream
Fix issue with signalR connection at startup with no network
Fallback to recording raw substream if raw main stream fails
Add support for USB cameras that don't have video source options
Fix issue with closing MJPEG camera streams when using CPU
Fix issue with memory leak when encoding with GPU

1/7/2021 bug with non-existant database.xml file
Add path for ARM ffmpeg
Sort Action options
Remove onnx runtime library
Fix bug on startup with no network connection
Add some help text in UI
Add ability to download and upload configuration files
Add ability to list and execute any file in Commands directory
Fix issue with merge assemblies on Windows
Fix issue on startup with missing database.xml file
12/30/2020 issue with changing storage locations
Updates to onvif platform
Add AI snapshot option with overlay from DeepStack
Warning on total masks
UI feedback for deepstack integration
Add option to specify audio and video stream index in ffmpeg settings
If record URL is set ignore encoder setting (raw override)
Enforce max recording duration on all recordings
Fix UI bug (delete action)
Raw monitor records from iFrame to ensure full frame at start of playback
Fix bug with selecting local device on Windows
12/24/2020 bug with speed tracking code
Add motion event to actions
Add no-decode option for saving raw high resolution streams
Add buffer to raw encoder
IP Cameras now support sub and main URLs - use a low resolution URL for live viewing and high resolution for direct to disk recording
Modified database to use SQLLite instead of XML
Replaced YOLO code to use the new DeepStack AI server - see Settings - Intelligent Filter to connect Agent to DeepStack
Pass through DeepStack detected objects to alerts
Added desktop video source to Linux
Enable more GPU decode and encode options on Mac and Linux
UI updates
12/14/2020 a bug with GPU decoding on linux
Added support for plugins on linux and OSX.
Demo Visual Studio project for plugins in the website userguide
Add fields to API, details in the website userguide
11/27/2020 issue with setting archive flag on storage settings for devices
Add aspect ratio and background color option to video.mjpg and grab.jpg API calls (maintainAR=true/false, backColor=R,G,B) eg maintainAR=true&backColor=255,0,0
Update translations
Save and apply forced recording state in profiles
Add error detection to raw recorder and fallback to use software encoder if it fails

11/5/2020 flag to ffmpeg for headless device support on linux
Add shortcut keys S for server menu, C for commands
Hide some windows specific controls on OSX/Linux