VersionUpdate InformationDate pelco spectra enhanced ptz
Fix issue with google drvie cloud
Add stretchy reconnect camera logic
2/9/2018 potential encoding bug2/6/2018 bug fix
file size update (quality settings)
framerate update
2/6/2018 file size of recorded files2/1/2018 to new version of ffmpeg
Added support for non packed audio
Added new PTZ definitions
1/12/2018 encoding quality on recorder12/5/2017 bug with recording
performance improvement on recording from ffmpeg
11/20/2017 issue with post recording events (cloud upload/ ftp)11/2/2017 fixes10/31/2017 update
bug fix rollup
10/19/2017 issue with PTZ override URLs
Added support for decimal frame rate limiters

Performance improvement
Bug fixes
Wizard update
Text to speech fix

Also, launched our new windows service based platform,  Agent

9/25/2017 camera database
Fixed a bug with storage directories
Fixed a bug with VLC audio sources
7/10/2017 for motion detection bug
Fix for some plugin issues
7/3/2017 improvement
Crashing bug fix in NAudio on broken audio streams
6/16/2017 afeed dropout issue with some RTSP cameras6/8/2017 update
Network reconnect issue fix
MJPEG issue fix
6/7/2017 issue with microphone recording
Add Russian translations
5/19/2017 connecting to ONVIF RTSP cameras that use digest authentication
Fix recording to AVI with audio
Performance improvements
5/15/2017 improvements
Added PTZ definition (SunEyes)
Fix potential deadlock