VersionUpdate InformationDate ffmpeg update
Updated translations and ptz
5/29/2019 fixes
Fix issue with channel swap when using VLC 3+
Update ffmpeg version
4/30/2019 high CPU on JPEG feeds
Fix bug with attaching images to emails when camera is not responding
10/26/2018 velocity spaces to ONVIF
Updates to local server
10/25/2018 high cpu with saving audio files
Fix issue with opening mp3 files in web browser
10/13/2018 file size and cpu issue9/21/2018 ONVIF support9/14/2018 bug with recording to mobile profiles
Add support for older onvif devices
7/1/2018 fix6/27/2018 ffmpeg to prefer TCP encoding6/26/2018 to ffmpeg v4
Add GPU encode and decode support
Fix issue with USB camera reconnect
CPU optimise
Other minor bug fixes
6/23/2018 for reconnecting to some RTSP streams
Fix for visual smearing of some high res UDP streams
5/15/2018 audio issues5/8/2018 issue with PTZ controller and Onvif Presets
Fix issue with ffmpeg rtsp connections
4/29/2018 to add camera wizard (detect onvif devices)
Updated FFMPEG
Updates to IP camera connections
Fix issue with encoded usernames and empty passwords
Add new web services

bug fixes
updates to add camera wizard
fixes for some camera timeouts
fix for vlc integration

4/11/2018 wav file audio support
Updates to FFMPEG
Minor bug fixes
4/7/2018 an issue with scanning for rtsp cameras
add more error handling around cloud uploads
3/28/2018 rare hang issue
Retry file in use error for cloud uploads
Add PTZ definitions
3/16/2018 pelco spectra enhanced ptz
Fix issue with google drvie cloud
Add stretchy reconnect camera logic