iSpy is the world’s most popular open source video surveillance application. It's compatible with the the vast majority of consumer webcams and IP cameras. With more than 2 million users worldwide, iSpy works with more cameras and devices than anything else on the market.

Started back in 2007 the software has continually evolved and improved to become a robust, feature rich solution.

The number one use of iSpy is small business security, but home monitoring, neighborhood watch, nanny-watch and mobile access through iSpyConnect.com are valued features.

Facial recognition and detection of changes in lighting and audio offer the subtleties that set the software apart from competitors.

Getting started with iSpy is easy: all you need is a webcam or IP camera connected to your computer or network.

iSpy connects to the camera and shows the live view. You can then define specific areas of the video that iSpy should watch for movement, and set a threshold value for the amount of motion that would trigger automatic recording. iSpy can also operate in always-recording or manual-recording modes and supports scheduling and remote access (with an iSpyConnect subscription)

iSpy was designed to provide a low-cost alternative to expensive surveillance systems. It has become a highly scalable application that can be tailored to record and take actions on specific incidents as defined by the user either locally or remotely.

Note that as of January 2022 iSpy has been superceded by our new platform Agent DVR. We took what we learned from developing iSpy and built an all new video surveillance platform from the ground up that works cross platform using the latest technologies. Whilst Agent DVR isn't open source due to licensing constraints we'll continue to provide downloads, security updates and bug fixes for iSpy.

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  • I just downloaded the product to try since our office had seen items missing for the last couple of weeks. I caught the thief on the second day after setting your software up on my desktop webcam! Truly amazing and simple product. I'm going to set this up at home and contribute to the cause as soon as I can!
  • Dude, I could KISS YOU!!!!!!!! Thanks for implementing HTTPS!! I’m actually able to see our cam feed and historic data on my tab. Please let me know if I can do anything for you, like a review, rating or whatever.. You rock!
  • I work in the security industry with professional CCTV systems, and even though I have access to these enterprise CCTV systems trough work, I still use iSpy at home. It does it so much better then all of the expensive enterprise system I've tested in my line of work. It has one of the best motion detection I've seen and the easy of use together with the documentation makes this a winner.
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  • How did you make it so damn simple and easy??? I bought a F-Link Camera DCL-930. Great camera, great features, easy set up BUT lousy software. In searching for software, I found your site from a camera review on Amazon where you software was highly recommended by a buyer of another camera. What he said was factual to the max so I went to your site, read and said YES, this as to be it. And right I was..... I also wrote D-Link and told them they should use your software as yours was simple, easy and right on. Thank you, John Piquette
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