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If filing a bug report please:
  1. Try to isolate the camera or microphone that is causing the issue and let us know how you are connecting to it (FFMPEG/ VLC/ MJPEG etc).
  2. Include steps to reproduce (if we can't reproduce the error it's unlikely we'll be able to fix it)
  3. Include relevant output from the most recent logs (in Agent DVR go to http://localhost:8090/logs.html in ispy click view - log files)
  4. Include any relevant windows event log data
Other Resources

Questions/ Suggestions/ Feedback/ Bug Reports? Please enter your query below. Please note that we can only respond to English questions so please use a translation service if you don't speak English.

Please check you are using the latest version before contacting us with technical issues (about menu in iSpy or the Server menu in Agent DVR).