Agent DVR Feature List

This is not a complete feature list - we're adding features all the time. Some of these features may only be available via the remote web portal (*)

Agent DVR desktop and mobile view
Runs as a Service
  • Access via any modern web browser
  • Full local UI - no login required
  • Seemless remote access via without port forwarding (even works over mobile networks)*
  • Unlimited number of cameras and microphones
Works on
  • Windows 7+
  • Docker
  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 20.04)
  • macOS (+M1)
  • Raspberry Pi 4+
Recording Formats
  • Supports encoding to MP4, MP3 VP8 and MKV formats using CPU or GPU
  • Record the raw stream - practically zero CPU usage
  • Playback of raw content supports flip, rotate and timestamp overlay
Supported Devices
Largest supported device database in the world

10's of thousands of supported devices. Supports pretty much every camera that isn't locked down to it's own proprietary platform.
Supports local USB cameras and microphones, files and desktop recording.

Recording Modes
  • Record on detect, alert or demand
  • Record by schedule
  • Record via API/ external events
  • Timelapse and adaptive record mode
  • Supports dual streaming from live low res and direct recording high res
  • Pre and post event buffers
Motion Detection
  • Simple detectors and configurable Areas
  • Supports ONVIF motion events
  • Trip wires, speed and object tracking
  • Heat maps and counting detectors
  • Sound detection
  • Sound recognition (via the Listen plugin)
Artifical Intelligence
Supported Providers

Integrates with OpenAI (ChatGPT), DeepStack AI and CodeProject.AI for alert filtering, face, object and scene recognition
Integrates with CodeProject.AI and PlateRecognizer for LPR/ ANPR
Sound recognition

  • FTP and SFTP images and recordings
  • Cloud uploads (Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business)*
  • MQTT, SMTP and Twitter DM
  • RTMP live streaming
Third Party
Integrates With...
  • Home Assistant
  • Alexa with live view*
  • IFTTT*
  • Anything else via a Full API
Extend functionality with Plugins

Plugins come with source code. Modify, analyse and respond to live video and audio.
Available plugins include Gain, Listen (recognise sounds), LiveDelay and Weather overlays

  • Picture in Picture
  • Masks, Motion Masks and Image Overlays
  • Fully Customisable Timestamps
  • Scheduler with Sunrise and Sunset Options
  • Events and Actions system for advanced automations
  • Tasks and Commands for manual use
  • Talk (local and device playback where available)
  • Text to speech (via actions)
  • PTZ (ONVIF, digital and IP camera). PTZ presets, scheduler and object tracking
Storage Management
Multi level storage management options

Supports multiple media locations/ rules and individual device settings.

  • Set max size and max age limits
  • Set archival options
  • Storage/ disk space alerts
  • Automatic archival and archive delete
  • Keep archived recordings accessible in the UI
Use views and layouts for highly customisable live viewing
  • Choose from pre-built layouts or create your own
  • Create up to 9 different views
  • Add timeline, photos, recordings and floorplans into your layout
  • Display and rearrange device on a grid or in a rotating list
  • Special layout slots for alerted devices or motion events
  • Supports cameras and microphones with different visualization options
Built in translations include..

English, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Mandarin and Taiwanese

User Interface
UI scales from mobile devices up to multiple desktop monitors

The web UI uses cutting edge technology to scale seemlessly across platforms and devices. Supports mouse, touch, gestures, context menus and more. Inbuilt help for all settings and direct links to online help pages.

  • Works on mobile (android and IOS with push notifications*)
  • Comes with 19 customisable themes
  • Translated into 19 languages
  • Includes PTZ and Talk support
  • Full permissions system for granting access to others*
  • Copy, Backup and Restore configurations
  • Create profiles for quick system wide settings
  • Secure the local server with a login
  • Setup 2FA for extra security*
  • Support ZeroConf for Agent DVR discovery over the network
  • VR mode for immersive live viewing*
  • Live view can be fully customised with devices and controls
  • Add slots for alerted devices, device grid, interval (device list), recordings, floorplans, timeline etc all into the live view
  • TimeMachine for synchronised historical playback
  • Timeline, photos, floor plans and recordings viewer
  • Fast, Slow, Seek and frame-by-frame controls
  • Zoomable, sortable, searchable recordings and photos UI with bulk operation support
  • Full tools for cutting recordings, archiving, deleting and uploading
  • Supports advanced searching and sorting with AI and manual tagging and file locking
  • Save filters for quick views and access

... and much more!