Agent DVR Business Licensing

Agent is free for personal, local use. For business/ port forward access we charge USD $49.95 for a perpetual license.

Each business use license covers one instance of the Agent DVR server application running on a computer.


Business use licenses unblock Port Forward/ VPN access. Remote access subscriptions - which use our website and servers for remote access are charged separately to business use licenses.

To purchase a business / remote use license, access the Agent DVR UI and click on the server icon , Settings (under configuration) and select the Licensing tab. Click the Purchase License button to fill out your Unique ID below.

If you have already purchased a license enter your ID and click the Find icon to display it.

The name to display on the license
Found under Server Settings - Licensing in Agent DVR

Transferring license to a new install

If you reinstall Agent DVR or set it up on new hardware and have a new Unique ID you can transfer your license here:

Transfer License

*Requires manual configuration - see SSL Configuration
** Remote access via port forwarding may or may not work based on your network topology and/ or firewall
By purchasing a license you are agreeing to our Agent DVR EULA