These plugins are for iSpy. For Agent DVR see Agent DVR Plugins

Download Plugins to Extend iSpy

Using plugins you can add additional functionality like numberplate (license plate) recognition, facial recognition and more.

Use our Starter Kit

Creating your own plugin is easy! Download our demo project to get started (visual studio 2010+ required).


  • Download a plugin from the list below
  • Unzip the plugin files into the "C:\Program Files\iSpy\Plugins" directory
  • Restart iSpy
  • Click the "..." button next the alert type drop-down menu when editing the camera to configure the plugin
License Plate Recognition

This will alert when license plates are either recognised or not recognised in a pre-determined list. You can also hook it into your backend systems by using the HTTP post functionality (commercial plugin).

Face Recognition

This will alert you if the camera recognises a human face. It will ignore all other movement so is good for reducing false alerts. The screenshot shows it working whilst monitoring the desktop.

Text Overlay and Detection

This plugin provides a user-definable area to overlay text from a specified text file. You can setup an alert to trigger if a specific keyword or phrase is detected in the text. You can use this plugin to feed text overlays into your videos from external applications. When the text in the file is changed iSpy will update the text displayed on the video.

Barcode Scanning

This lets you create and scan barcodes and QR codes. You can provide a list of allowed barcode text that when scanned will trigger an alert (run a program, play a sound, call a command to unlock the door etc).

Third Party Plugins

iplugs - includes Activity Detection, People Counter, Face Recognition and more!