General - Using iSpy Server
These docs are for iSpy - See Agent DVR Docs for our new platform


iSpy Server enables you to connect to webcams and microphones running on other computers around your home or office iSpyServer is basically a much slimmed down version of iSpy that doesn't have any motion detection or alerting code built in, and therefore has a much lower processor impact than the main application. (it should be able to easily run in the background whilst people work on the same PC).

iSpy Server uses your webcams and microphones (and other sources) and creates a server on your local network that the main iSpy application can then connect to and retrieve video and live audio from. Follow the steps below to Install iSpy Server on any computer on your local network that has a webcam or microphone attached.

1) Copy iSpyServer to the computer with the web cam attached (the target computer).

2) Login to the target computer and install iSpyServer by double clicking on the setup file.

3) Start iSpyServer (Start->All Programs->iSpy->iSpy Server)

4) Add your cameras and microphones to the workspace

5) Note the address that appears under your camera or microphone. It starts with http://. This is the address you will use to connect to this camera or microphone over your network.

Connecting to iSpy Server

Adding a Remote Camera to iSpy: Back in the main iSpy application, add a camera and specify MJPEG source. Copy the address you noted down in step 5 (above) and paste it into this box. It should look something like:

You can also specify the frame size here by adding "w" and "h" to the address, for example:

Adding a Remote Microphone to iSpy: Back in the main iSpy application, add a microphone and select "Network". Copy the address you noted down in step 5 and paste it into the box.

Your remote camera or microphone feed should now be running over your local network. You can now set motion detection and alerts on your remote cameras or microphones.

Note: iSpy Server uses port 256 to serve camera images. You can change this from Settings. Each microphone you add must use a different port to broadcast audio.


Please ensure that the URL you specify when connecting to iSpy server includes the port number and query string (if applicable)

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