You can control when cameras and microphones raise alerts by using a combination of alert groups, reset intervals and distinct intervals:

  • Alert Group Specify a group name here to create groups of cameras that share a reset interval. For example you may have multiple cameras that monitor a specific area. Assign these cameras the same group name and when one alerts it will suspend additional alerts from all the other cameras in the group.
  • Reset Alert Interval (seconds) This is used with the alert group. When one camera or microphone in the group triggers an alert then iSpy will wait for a period of inactivity equal to this value before allowing another alert to trigger. If there are any alerts raised by the group within this time then the timer is reset.
  • Distinct Alert Interval (seconds) This is used to prevent multiple alert events from a camera or microphone. The default value is 180 - which means that iSpy won't raise repeated alerts for 3 minutes on each event.

Delete the group name or set the reset interval to zero to disable alert suppression