Choosing Cameras

Choosing Cameras and Microphones

You probably have some old USB webcams lying around or even pre-installed into laptops. iSpy can make good use of these existing cameras saving you some outlay on new hardware. Bear in mind though that due to driver limitations it is usually impossible to use multiple USB cameras from the same manufacturer on one PC. If you want to access multiple USB cameras on one computer make sure that they're all built by different companies. This is not an iSpy limitation - this applies to any software that accesses USB cameras. A workaround is to install your duplicate USB cameras on different computers around your home/ office and broadcast them to iSpy using iSpyServer (more on that later!).

Our software will work on the vast majority of IP cameras. Check our sources database for details. If your camera is not listed there then check if it supports ONVIF. Our software should be able to connect to any ONVIF compatible camera.