Clearing Stored Content

Clearing Stored Content

There are several ways of clearing stored content:

  • Right click the camera/ microphone on the iSpy Surface and click "View Files" - delete the files through explorer. This breaks the synchonisation with the activity data (no big drama, it will be rebuilt automatically).
  • To clear all content, click Options -> Clear Capture Directories
  • Use iSpyConnect and click the rubbish bin icon below each thumbnail / file entry
  • Use iSpyConnect (optionally set a search filter) and click on the File Browser button under the live view thumbnail. You can delete multiple items at once this way.

Note: If you remove a camera/ microphone from iSpy, iSpy won't delete all the captured content. You will need to manually open up a file browser and either copy out or delete the files that have been generated.

Checking For Updates

iSpy will automatically check for updates when it starts. You can turn this feature on or off on the settings panel. If you turn it off we recommend you manually check for updates regularly. If you experience a bug or other problem then check for updates to see if it's been fixed already. If there is an update then we'll tell you what has been added or fixed so you can decide if it's worth upgrading.