Installing iSpy Server

Installing iSpy Server

iSpyServer enables you to connect to USB (and others) cameras and microphones running on other computers around your home/ office. iSpyServer sets up a network port that iSpy can then connect to to retrieve the video and audio from connected hardware. iSpyServer does no motion detection or sound processing - it just sends it over the network for processing on your main iSpy computer so it's perfect to leave running in the background. Like iSpy, iSpyServer requires the .Net Framework v3.5 client. iSpyServer is basically a slimmed down version of iSpy so much of this guide can be applied to iSpyServer as well.

The iSpyServer installer file is included with iSpy. To install it on other computers simply copy the file "iSpyServerSetup.msi" from the install directory:

C:\Program Files\iSpy\iSpy\iSpyServer

To the computer you want to run it on and double click it to start the setup process. Please see:

USB Cameras running on other computers (via iSpyServer)
USB Microphones running on other computers (via iSpyServer)

for information on how to setup these connections.