IP Webcam (Android)

Using your Android device as an IP camera

Using the popular and free Android application IP Webcam you can turn your android device into a fully functioning wireless IP camera that you can use within iSpy, including video, audio, talk, text-to-speech and commands!*

How do I add it?

  • Connect your android device to your wireless network
  • Install IP Webcam on your android device
  • Start the IP Webcam application. See Video preferences and set the video resolution to a smaller format (example 640x480)
  • Press "Start Server" at the bottom of the main menu
  • Start iSpy, click Add - IP Camera with wizard (or see the wizard tab if using iSpyPro)

Follow the wizard to add your android device to iSpy:

Select IP Webcam (Android) in the sources list Enter your username and password (if you have set them in IP Webcam) Enter or find the IP address of IP Webcam. Set the Port to 8080 Use the MJPEG option to connect


That's it! You should now see live video and audio in iSpy. You can click the microphone icon to talk or right click the live video to control the commands via the PTZ Menu:


Talk is only available on some Android devices. If talk isn't working check that you have selected a microphone to use in settings - talk.