iSpy Connect


iSpyConnect is the web interface for iSpy. Using iSpyConnect you can access and control iSpy on your local network or over the web from anywhere. iSpy secures access through iSpyConnect with authentication tokens to ensure that you and only you can access live and recorded content. Once authenticated, the web browser accesses iSpy directly, bypassing the website and ensuring your connection is as fast as possible. iSpyConnect will even use your LAN IP address if possible to bypass the web entirely and prevent loopback errors. You need to create an account to use iSpyConnect. See Configuring Web Access for more details.


  • iSpyConnect is a complex web application and will only work on the latest web browsers. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome (preferred), IE 9, Firefox and Safari. iSpyConnect does not currently work with Opera. Live audio currently only works with Google Chrome.
  • You will either need Flash installed or an HTML 5 compatible web browser (with video support!) to view videos.