Microphone Alerts


iSpy raises alerts for cameras and microphones when it detects movement or sound (you can also raise alerts for no movement or no sound or by using a plugin).

  • Mode Choose between sound/ no sound. You can set a time here as well (eg - alert when no sound detected for 30 seconds)
  • Distinct Alert Interval - The minimum amount of time between alerts
  • Email on Disconnect - Check this to receive an email (to your registered account) if the camera unexpectedly disconnects (subscribers only)
  • Actions - Actions to perform on alert - You can add as many actions here as you like

The key thing to remember when testing alerts is the Distinct Alert Interval. iSpy is limited to one alert every 3 minutes (by default) - so if you are trying to trigger alerts to test and nothing is happening then you probably need to adjust this setting.

Using arguments with your actions

With any action that takes a parameter (like call URL or execute file) you can use the ID or name of the camera using the macros {ID} or {NAME}. If you are using a plugin you can pass through a message from the plugin using {MSG}. The LPR plugin for example will pass back messages like "Plate in List: AU28826" or "Plate Not in List: ABC123".

Passing back commands to iSpy

You can integrate command line options back into ispy using the Execute File action - just set the File to "ispy" (no quotes) and then use the command line options in the arguments field to do whatever you like.

SMS Alerts

The number must start with your country code, followed by your number excluding the leading zero. For example if you live in Australia and your mobile number is 0416 123456 then you'd enter 614161236456. See our wizard for formatting your number.

You get a number of SMS credits with your subscription (as it costs us each time you send one). You can recharge your SMS credits through the recharge page on iSpyConnect.