Audio Conversion

Audio Conversion Settings

iSpy uses FFMPEG to convert the generated ".wav" files to ".mp3" or ".fla" files that can be played back in the web browser. We strongly recommend using the MP3 option as these can be played back in either the flash player or HTML5 capable web browsers (like the Safari on the iPhone and iPad).

Usually the settings in this panel can be left as they are. If you want to tweak the settings and modify the command then refer to this pretty comprehensive guide. If you don't want iSpy to convert the audio clips to a web format then clear the text in the Command box and uncheck the Delete WAV flag (you will be unable to use iSpyConnect to listen to the clips if you do this).

Delete AVI This checkbox tells iSpy to delete the WAV file after conversion to FLA or MP3. If you want a high quality copy of the clip then uncheck this option. Keeping the WAV files can use up a lot of disk space.