Microphone Recording Settings

Microphone Recording Settings

iSpy has 3 types of audio recording mode:

  • Record on Demand: Triggered manually - either by right-clicking on the microphone in iSpy and clicking "Record" or by clicking "Record" in iSpyConnect.
  • Record on Detect: Starts recording as soon as sound is detected, regardless of how long the sound has been detected for.
  • Record on Alert: This is very useful for cutting down on the number of recordings if you have set a sensitive sound detect trigger point.

You can record on demand at any time regardless of the record mode set on this tab (as long as the microphone is active).

Recording Settings:

  • Buffer Audio: This is the time in seconds to buffer audio in memory. This feature enables iSpy to capture the full event that causes the sound detection.
  • Inactivity Record: The number of seconds to continue recording after sound is no longer detected. With a low value you may get lots of seperate clips. With a higher value you will get fewer clips but longer periods of inactivity recorded.
  • Max. Record Time: This sets a maximum limit on the length of the files generated. FFMPEG can use a lot of processor power converting long files so it's advisable to keep this value to 15 minutes (900 seconds) or less. This setting applies to record on demand as well - iSpy will stop recording at the limit, start converting the files and start recording again.