Remote Commands

Setting Up Remote Commands

Remote commands enable you to run any program remotely using iSpyConnect. You can assign your command a friendly name (as in this example "Shout at the dogs") - and then select a file to run (in this case an MP3 of me shouting at the dogs to be quiet but it could be a controller file for home automation - say to open the curtains, or an alarm to wake up your lazy children!). This then adds a command into the iSpyConnect web interface which you can run whenever you like. iSpy comes pre-configured with commands to bulk switch on or off objects. There's also an "Apply Schedule" command that works out what should be on or off depending on the latest schedule entries and applies that, over-riding what has been manually changed.

Remote commands can also be run via the iSpyConnect mobile site so you can execute them from any web enabled mobile phone. Access Remote Commands by clicking the "Remote Commands" toolbar button within iSpy.

Emit Shortcut

You can also setup a remote command to emit a shortcut command to ispy - this provides a way to control the currently selected camera/ control. Just enter the shortcut command you want to use using your keyboard.

shortcut commands