Download Agent - Surveillance for the Internet of Things!

We've taken 7 years of experience developing iSpy to a whole new code base and web platform. Agentis a stand-alone remote monitoring solution and has been designed from the ground up for super high performance whilst actually expanding on the feature set. Agent runs as a windows service and is fully portable (no install required). Agent uses the latest web technologies to enable remote access from anywhere with no port forwarding required and is completely secure with end to end SSL. The web interface for Agent is compatible with all modern desktop PCs and high end mobile devices*

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icon Top Features

  • Video surveillance for the IOT
  • Live view an unlimited number of cameras
  • Synchronized playback of recordings
  • Runs as a windows service with full web based UI
  • Motion detection, recognition and recording (H264)
  • Detect people, faces and even cats!
  • Works with practically any camera
  • Portable (no install required)
  • End to End SSL keeps your video totally safe
  • Remote access works anywhere with an internet connection
  • Live stream to YouTube, Twitch and others
  • Low CPU and can use GPU acceleration
*IOS support requires IOS v11+. Agent requires a subscription for use. A free 7 day trial will be applied when Agent is connected to your account. Due to licensing requirements Agent is not part of our open source product line. Agent requires the .NET framework 4.5 to be installed. Agent works on Windows 7 and above. Change log

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