Talk Functions

Talk out of your camera speakers

iSpy now supports talk functions through several camera manufacturers including Foscam, Axis and our own iSpyServer. To use the talk function, hover over the camera with your mouse and click the "T" button that pops up (if nothing pops up then enable overlay in settings). Talk uses the default microphone that you select on the "Talk" tab in settings. When talk is active the "T" turns red and you can then talk into the microphone and your voice will come out of the camera speaker. Remember to turn off talk when you are finished!

If you use the IP camera wizard then talk settings will be automatically setup. Otherwise see the bottom of the first tab when editing the camera to configure talk.

Supported cameras for talk include:

  • Foscam Talk
  • Axis Talk
  • iSpyServer Talk
  • IP Webcam (Android) Talk