Dericam IP camera URL

Dericam Camera URLs

Try the following connection options in iSpy or Agent DVR to connect to your Dericam IP camera.

The settings for Dericam cameras are built right into our free surveillance software - the inbuilt wizard will automatically setup your Dericam cameras. Remember to also try connecting via ONVIF as Dericam cameras may support ONVIF connections as well.

Dericam compatible software*

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*For secured remote access or business use see pricing

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Tip: Click a model to generate a URL for your camera

0009FB006BBD, 801W, H503W, M2/6/8 Series, M601W, M801WJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi
0009FB006BBD, 1080P, 801W, B-1, B1 8GB, B2 16G, B2 32G, b23-16g, B2A, B-x, B-xe, DERICAM H502W, H201C, h206c, H218W, H501, H502W, H601W, M2/6/8 SERIES, M801W - 1, OHL, Other, P1/P2, P2 PTZ IP CAMERA, P2 WIFI PTP2Z IP CAMERA, S-1, S1 32G, S1 64G, S100, S1-16G, S1-16G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERA, S1-32G WiFi PTZ IP Camera, S1-N, S1x, S2-32G, S2A, S-x, Sx series, UNKJPEGhttp://tmpfs/auto.jpg
1080P, 1536P, 2MP, B-1, B1-16G, B2 32G, B2-16G, b2a, BBQ, BC2 and BC2A and B5, B-X, C6F0SgZ0N0P0L2, C6F0SgZ3N0P0L2, C6F2SlZ3N0P0L2, D73W, H206C, H206C-TM, H264, H306C-TM, H501, H502W, IP 2, model, Other, P1/P2, P2 PTZ IP CAMERA, P2 WIFI PTP2Z IP CAMERA, S-1, S1 32G, S1 32G2, S-1-16g, S1-16G, S1-16G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERA, S1-32G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERA, S1-N, S1X, S-2, S2-32G, S2C, S2E, sg1, Shed, unk, X0019FZ9DLFFMPEGrtsp:///11
206c, H201C, H601W, H602W, M801W, OtherFFMPEGrtsp:///ch0.h264
206c, H201D, H201WD, H204W, H502, H602W, s-2VLCrtsp://ch0_0.h264
801w, DEPENDANCE, H216W, H501, H502, H502W, H504W, M2/6/8 SERIES, M201W, M204W, M205W, m206w, M501W, M502W, m601, M601W, M801W, MW801, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0
801W, H216W, H264, M801WFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf
B-1, H218W, H501, M801W, Other, P2 WIFI PTP2Z IP CAMERA, S2AJPEGhttp://snap.jpg
B2A, H218W, Other, S1-16G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERA, S1-32G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERAJPEGhttp://snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL]
Dericam H502W, H204W, H502W, M501W, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
Dericam P1, S2EFFMPEGrtsp:///12
H201, H201D, H501, H502, M201W, OtherJPEGhttp://cgi-bin/net_jpeg.cgi?ch=[CHANNEL]
H206C, H502WFFMPEGrtsp:///ONVIF/channel2
H216W, H2A6W, H502W, M801W, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0
H216W, H502W, M502W, M601W, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]
H216W, H502WVLCrtsp://cam[CHANNEL]/h264
H216W, H502W, H502W2, M205W, M801WVLChttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
H218W, H502W, S1 32G, S1-32G WIFI PTZ IP CAMERAJPEGhttp://snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL
H502, H502W, H503W, M501W, M601W, M801W, M801W-1, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]
H502W, M801WMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
H502W, H601W, M2/6/8 Series, M202W, M501W, M601W, M801WMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?rate=11
H502W, M01W, M2/6/8 Series, M601W, M801W, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32
M601W, OtherMJPEGhttp://video.cgi?resolution=VGA

* iSpyConnect has no affiliation, connection, or association with Dericam’s products. The connection details provided here are crowd sourced from the community and may be incomplete, inaccurate or both. We provide no warranty that you will be successful using these connection URLs or that Dericam products are compatible with iSpy.


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