Easyn IP camera URL

Connecting to your Easyn IP camera*

Try the following connection options in iSpy or Agent to connect to your Easyn IP camera. If an FFMPEG option is available we recommend you try that first as it will often be faster and include audio support. You can also try the VLC plugin if the FFMPEG option isn't working.

The settings for Easyn cameras are built right into our free surveillance software - click "Add" then "IP camera with wizard" to automatically setup your Easyn cameras. Remember to also try connecting via ONVIF as Easyn cameras may support ONVIF connections as well.

Start typing in the "Make" box to find your camera. If your camera is not listed then click "Get Latest List" in settings or when on the add camera wizard. If you need to modify the URL then add or edit the Easyn camera and you can modify the connection type and URL in the video source dialog (button is top of the first tab).

Easyn compatible software*

Download Easyn compatible software

Tip: Click a model to generate a URL for your camera

0444, 100, 10D, 1133, 122334, 12345, 147T, 147W, 158j, 158W, 186, 187, 187V, 196, 1bf, 20w, 213344, 21344, 2233444, 223445, 22345, 23143, 2322, 234, 2345, 23454, 23456, 2355, 24444, 3030, 324325, 3245, 326667, 333333333, 34353, 344, 3444, 345, 34535, 34552, 3456, 345656, 3513, 43566666, 4556, 4677, 546577, 56677, 613A, 678, 720P, 960P, a157w, A17-187V-W_F, A187V3E03, Baby Monitor, e345, EASYN H3-P1D3, EASYN HS-691, EASYN HS-691 A105, es100v mini, F SERIES, F-M1BF, FS-613, FS-613A, FS-613A-M136, H3, H3 137, H-3 V10D, H-3 V10R, h3-105v, H3-137V, H3-147W, H3-186A, H3-187, H3-187V, H3-691B-V186I, H3-BEN7, H3-E-31-B-E5, H3-E-31-E-E1, H3-lager, H3-P1D3, H3-V137, HS-691, HS-691B-V186I, IBF - ONVIF, IP cameras, IPCAM H3-V10R, IP-CAMERA, Mini 10D, nserie, Other, Other, pallero, s2344, series, SRIRE, V10DJPEGhttp://tmpfs/auto.jpg
100, 136, 613A, 720P, EasyN HS-691, ENG, F, F series, FI8919W, F-M106, F-M10R, F-M136, F-M166, F-M1BF, fs 613, FS-603A M106, FS-613, FS613 B M166, fs613A, FS-613A, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, F-Series, FSERIES, FS-M136, H3, IP CAMERAS, L-610WS, Other, ours, series f, WCS H3-187FFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0
100, 186p, 76algo, F series, H6-M137H, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
100, 1BF, ENG, fm136, FS-613A, FS-613A-M36, moja, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]*[HEIGHT]
100, 109, 109, 10R, 115W, 137v, 147T, 147W, 158, 15W, 186, 186p, 187, 196, 1BF, 201, 202, 203, 345, 546, 720, 720P, 960H, A1BF, AX912, b187, E001, EasyN H3-P1D3, EasyN HS-691, ES100V MINI, ES200K, F_SERIES, F1B, F2-611B, F3-Series, F-M136, F-M166, H187, H-3 V10D, H-3 V10R, H3-137V, H3-18 7V, H3-187V, H3-Dan, H3-Dan-Wifi, H3-P1D3, H3-V106, H6-M137h, HS-691, ibf - onvif, IP CAMERAS, IP-CAMERA, JY-V136, mine, Mini 10D, mini Blue Eye, Other, V10R, VTR10FFMPEGrtsp:///11
109, 115V, 158, 187 WCS, 187V, 189V, 1BF, 6461, 720P, Ext, F-M1BF, H-3 V10D, H3-137V, h3-187w, Other, Our Cam, WCS H3-187, WCS H3-187W, WCS-187FFMPEGrtsp:///12
1133, 136, 1BF, 21344, 223445, 23143, 234, 2345, 324325, 3245, 345, 345656, 46573, 613A, 677, EasyN F-M1BF, F series, F136, F3-M166, F-M136, F-M166, F-M181, FS-603A M106, FS613 B M166, FS-613B, FS-M136, H7 Series, H7 SERİES, Other, WIFIJPEGhttp://snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL]
136, AlfieEye5, EASYN HS-691, F, F series, F106, F133, F136, F2-611B, fm136, F-M136, F-M161, F-M166, F-M181, F-M1BF, FS-613, FS613 B M166, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, FS-613B-MJPEG, FSERIES, FS-M136, H3-P1D3, H3-V10R, IP CAMERAS, IP-CAMERA, M136, Other, Other, ours, ours2, salonEASYN HS-691, wifi, wowFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf
136, 187, 613a, EasyN HS-691, ezcam pan/tilt v2, F, F series, F_M10R, F136, F166, F2-611B, F3, F3-166, f-m105, F-M106, fm-136, F-M136, F-M161, F-M166, F-M181, F-M1BF, FS-603A M106, FS-613, FS613A, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, FS613B 166, FS-613B-M166, FS-613B-MJPEG, F-Series, F-SERIES, FS-M136, gtaip, H-3 V10R, H6-837, Hedge Camera, IP cameras, IP-CAMERA, m1bf, mitsos, Other, tayto, txxu, URSA 1FFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]
136, 187, 21344, 2233444, 2334545, 324325, 34353, 344, EASYN HS-691 A105, F series, F_SERIES, F3-M187, F-M10R, F-M136, FS-613, FS-613A-M136, H3-187V, H3-V10R, IP-CAMERA, OtherJPEGhttp://snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
136, 186p, 187, 1bf, 3F Series, EZCAM PAN/TILT V2, F series, F SERIES, F136, F2-611B, F3, F3-166, F3-M166, F3M187, F3-Series, f-m105, F-M136, F-M166, FS-613, FS613 B M166, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B-MJPEG, H6-837, IDP3, IP-CAMERA, M187, Other, T7588 HDJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
136, 613A, EasyN HS-691 A105, ENG, F, F series, F-M10R, F-M136, F-M166, F-M181, F-M1BF, FS-613, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, FS-613B-M166, F-SERIES, H6-M137h, nati, Other, WIFIVLChttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
136, F, F series, F_SERIES, F106, F3-M166, f-m105, F-M10R, F-M136, F-M161, f-m-166, F-M166, FS-613, FS-613B, FS-613B-M166, F-Series, FS-M136, lb, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0
186p, 187, F_M10R, H3, h3 v106, H-3 V10R, H3-187V, H3-196V, H3-V106, H7 Series, hs691, Other, Pole, V10RFFMPEGrtsp://live_h264.sdp
187, 720P, est-007660333, F3, F3-166, F3-M166, F3-Series, F-M166, F-SERIES, H3-V10R, H6-M137h, kitch, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0
187, H3, h3-186v, H3-V10R, OtherVLCrtsp://11
1BF, f_series, F3-m187, F-M136, F-M181, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]
1BF, EasyN HS-691, est-007660-611b, F, F SERIES, F_M10R, F2-611B, F3, F3-176M, F-M166, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
613A, FS-613B-M166JPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi?camera=[CHANNEL]
613A, f-SeriesJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
720P, ENG, F2-611B, F3-166, F3-M166, F3M187, F-M1b1, F-SERIES, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0
EasyN HS-691, OtherJPEGhttp://snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL
EasyN HS-691JPEGhttp://snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL]
EasyN HS-691, HS-691, OtherJPEGhttp://snap.jpg
EasyN HS-691, est-007660-2, F, F series, F133, F136, F2-611B, F3-M166, F3-Series, F-M10R, F-M136, F-M161, F-M166, FS-603A M106, FS-613, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, f-Series, FSERIES, IP Camera BO, Other, T7588 HDMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi
EasyN HS-691, H3, H3-147W, OtherVLChttp:///iphone/11?[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]&
ELPIDIO, F, F SERIES, F2-611B, F3M187, F-M105, F-M136, F-M166, FS-603A M106, FS-613, FS613 b M166, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, f-Series, H3, H6-837, H6-M137H, H7 SERIES, H7 SERİES, HS-691, IP-CAMERA, M-F136, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13
ELPIDIO, F, F series, F3M187, F-M10R, F-M166, F-M181, FS-603A M106, FS-613, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, FS-613B-MJPEG, F-SERIES, H6-837, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?rate=11
est-007660, F_M10R, F2-611B, F3M187-W, f-m105, F-M166, FS-613, FS613 B M166, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B-JPEG, H3, OtherJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi
est-007660, F series, F3-M166, FS-613, OtherJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&count=0
est-007660-3, F3-166, F3-SERIESMJPEGhttp://user/videostream.cgi
F, F series, F3-M166, F-M136, F-M161, F-M166, FS-613, FS-613B, FS-613B-M166, F-SERIES, IPCAM H3-V10R, OtherFFMPEGhttp://videostream.asf?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
F, F SERIES, F_SERIES, F133, F136, F3M187-W, F3-Series, fseries, H6-837, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?
F series, F SERIES, F3-166, F3-M166, H6-837, OtherJPEGhttp://snapshot.cgi?
F series, F133, F-136, F2-611B, F3-M166, F3-SERIES, F-M136, f-Series, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
F SERIES, F-136, f138, F2-611B, F3, F3-166, F3-M166, FS613, FS-613A-M136, FS-613B, FS-613B-M166, FS-613B-MJPEG, fseries, Other, s seriesMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32
f_series, F-M10R, OtherMJPEGhttp://VIDEO.CGI
F136, OtherMJPEGhttp://videostream.cgi?rate=0
F2-611B, M091, OtherMJPEGhttp://cgi-bin/videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]
F2-611B, F-M136, FS-613A-M136 CustomMJPEGhttp://video.cgi?resolution=VGA
F2-611B, OtherMJPEGhttp://mjpeg.cgi
F2-611B, OtherVLChttp://vdata.v
F3-M166, F-M136JPEGhttp://img/snapshot.cgi?size=2
H3-137V, H3-187V, H3-V137, H6-M137h, H7 Series, IPCAM H3-V10R, Other, OtherVLCrtsp://H264
H3-187V, OtherFFMPEGrtsp:///Streaming/Channels/1
H7 SeriesVLCrtsp://0/video[CHANNEL]

* iSpyConnect has no affiliation, connection, or association with Easyn’s products. The connection details provided here are crowd sourced from the community and may be incomplete, inaccurate or both. We provide no warranty that you will be successful using these connection URLs or that Easyn products are compatible with iSpy.


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EE37--a-xx-14c-00043EachEagle EyeEagle ViewEagle VisionEagleeyeEaglestarEagleviewEamEamoEastEastcamEasterncccEasterncctvEastvisionEasyEasy IpEasy4ipEasycamEasycapEasynEasyseEasyzEazydvEbodeEbwEcamEcho StarEclipseEcoEconomatoEdgeEdimaxEdisonEdssEescamEeseeEetEgoEgpisEheaEickhoffEigeekEigenEightEighteenEingangscameraEinnovEiteaE-landingElcomEle TechnologyElecElecomElectriqElectrodhElegiantElinksmart Ip CameraElinzElisaEliteElmoE-lockElpElp201ElroEmaticEmbedded Net DvrEmersonEminentEmpireEmstoneEncoder10EncoreEncore ElectronicsEncwi-g1EndroidEnduranceEneoEngeniusEnio BellEnscamEnsidioEnsterEnterEnviewerEnvioEnvisionEnxunEonboomEopenEos VisionEpcam2EpexisEpgesEphoneEpicameraEpineEpsonErnitecEsamEscEscamEsecureEseeE-seenetEsenseEskyEsmartEspEsprit EnhancedEssayEssflyEstEstcctvEsternalEsunstarEsypopEtcEtcamE-techEtnEtrovisionEtupihaEu3cEuleEura-techEurotekEurovideoEussoEv3cEverestEverfocusEversunEvgeniEvidenceE-viewEvo3dEvocamEvolutionEvolylcamEvonetEvonet-c-vd320irEwan KoEws1025ExacheExacqvisionExceedExcelvanExelonExomExotic LifeExpertExport Import GlobalExposeExtelExtend LanExtremeEye SightEye VisionEye01wEyecamEyecloudEyeguardEyeipcamEyemaxEyenixEyeonEyeonetEyeplusEyerelyEyesightEyesonicEyespyEyespy247EyesurvEyetechEyetelligentEyevisionEyseoEzcamEz-ipEziviewcctvEzivizEzlinkEzvizEzviz C6cEzviz1

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