Configuration - Themes


🖌️ Themes in Agent DVR let you jazz up the look and feel of the entire user interface. Customize it to match your style!

🎚️ To tweak the theme, just click on Account Menu () - UI Settings.

Theme examples
  • Theme: Pick a theme from around 20 options!
  • Variant: Themes have dark, primary, and light variants. It mainly spices up the top bar and tool bar colors.
  • Set Start Page: Choose a view to start on – Live, Timeline, Recordings, Photos, Floor plans or Virtual Reality.
  • Time Format (moved to server settings in v3.9.4.0+): Customize how dates are displayed in the Agent UI. For example, choose between 12-hour format like "MMM DD YYYY h:mm:ss A" or 24-hour format like "YYYY-MM-DD H:mm:ss". ⏰

    Here are some available tokens:

    • YYYY: 4-digit year like '2019'
    • YY: 2-digit year like '19'
    • MMMM: Full month name like 'June'
    • MMM: 3-character month like 'Jun'
    • MM: Zero-padded month like '06'
    • M: Month number like '6'
    • DD: Zero-padded day like '01'
    • D: Day number like '1'
    • Do: Day with ordinal like '1st'
    • HH: 24-hour format hour like '14'
    • hh: 12-hour format hour like '02'
    • mm: Minute like '04'
    • ss: Second, zero-padded
    • A: 'AM' or 'PM'
    • a: 'am' or 'pm'
  • Large: Bigger buttons and text, perfect for high-res screens!
  • Use server time: Show event timestamps in the server timezone, or stick with local time
  • Labels: Toggle object names display on or off in the live view.
  • Icons: Toggle icons at the bottom left of each device showing their state (recording, alerts enabled, motion detection enabled, schedule enabled)
  • Shortcut Keys: Enable or disable shortcut keys. Handy!
  • FPS Limiter: Limit frames per second in some views to save CPU. Or turn it off for smoother visuals at the cost of some CPU.
  • Autoplay Audio: Start playing audio automatically when the interface loads.
  • Auto reconnect: If Agent loses connection, it'll check every minute to reconnect automatically.
  • Swiping: Swipe to change views on touch devices in the live view.
  • Joystick: Enable joystick controls for PTZ and VR. Check out JoystickControls for more.
  • Invert Controller: Flip the Y-axis of the controller, if that's your thing!

Go ahead and make Agent DVR your own with these unique customization options!

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