Agent DVR - FAQ

No Remote Connection

No need to install Agent DVR on other computers for remote access. If you've done so, it might confuse the portal. Simply follow the "Uninstalling" instructions above to remove Agent from other PCs. Then, restart the computer running Agent and ensure it's active (check the local web interface).

Remember, Agent needs to be running on a computer for remote access – don't shut down your PC! Also, adjust your power settings to prevent the PC from entering sleep mode.

Possibly there is a temporary outage on our servers, check the logs in the local UI (under the server menu) or our Service Status page.

A PC restart might also help.

Lost Configuration

If Agent encounters a problem with loading the configuration, it might reset it, but usually, it backs up the file first (e.g., "C:\Program Files\Agent\Media\XML\objects_(numbers).xml"). Try restoring this backup via the server menu. If that fails, reach out to us for help.

What's my claim code?

To claim your server, open the local web interface of Agent and go to the Account menu, then Remote Access. This should send the claim code to the web portal. If you need it manually, it's in "Agent\Media\serial.txt" (activate Remote Access in the local portal first).

Alternatively, get a new claim code by stopping Agent and running "Agent.exe register" (or "dotnet Agent.dll register" on OSX/Linux).

You very, very rarely need this claim code - it's only for if you are installing Agent DVR on a system with no GUI.

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