Agent DVR - Connecting Locally

Local Connections

Planning to access Agent DVR over your Local Area Network (LAN)? You might need to tweak some settings in your firewall or antivirus, as Agent utilizes WebRTC for its connections. Here's a quick guide to ensure a smooth LAN experience:

  • 8090 TCP/UDP for the web interface – This is your primary gateway for accessing Agent DVR within your network.
  • 3478 TCP/UDP for the STUN/TURN server – Essential for helping your devices find each other and establish a connection.
  • 50000-50010 TCP/UDP for WebRTC connections – These ports are key for real-time communication over the network.

By ensuring these ports are open and not blocked by your firewall or antivirus, you're setting the stage for seamless LAN access to Agent DVR.

🔒 To enhance the security of your LAN access, it's a great idea to set up a login. You can do this under Server Settings - Users in Agent DVR. Secure and simple!

Forgot your password? No sweat! Just stop Agent and reset it. On Windows, use "Agent.exe reset-local-login", and on OSX or Linux, run "". This way, you're back in control in no time.

Facing connection issues locally? Sometimes browser extensions can be the culprits. If you're having trouble, try switching your browser to Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Edge. Consider disabling any troublesome extensions and clearing your cache to ensure smooth access.

Customizing with Parameters

Want to tailor the Agent DVR UI to your liking? It's easy to add parameters to the URL for customization! Here’s how you can do it:

Set the default theme options (available under account menu - UI Settings):

  • ?theme=darkly&variant=dark&large=false – For a sleek, dark look.
  • ?theme=sketchy&variant=primary&large=true – To go bold and sketchy.

Want to auto-play audio on load? (Note: version may require additional browser settings adjustments):

  • ?playaudio=true – Set your UI to be heard right from the start.

Prefer a more minimalistic approach? Start in minimized mode (top and bottom UI bars hidden) from version

  • ?mini=true – For a cleaner, distraction-free interface.

For quick access, pass in your local username and password for auto-login (from version Caution: This will expose your credentials to the network:

  • ?un=username&pwd=password – Enter your details for faster login.

Want to jump straight to a specific view or select a device (version Check this out:

  • ?viewIndex=1&oid=2&ot=1&max=true#Live – Directly navigate to your desired view and device.

Explore these options to make Agent DVR work just the way you want it.

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