Configuration - Storage Management


Agent DVR combines Media directories and individual device folders to manage your storage space efficiently. Use storage options in combination with archive options and file locking to copy old content to cold storage and keep important content in the database.

Media Directory Settings

Multiple storage locations can be added in Agent using the settings in Server Settings. Open Server Settings and select the Storage tab. Click Configure then click to add or edit a storage location. Each location acts as a base for device storage and has its own rules for size and file age.

To manage a storage location:

  • Location: Path or UNC path to your storage location.
  • Default: Set as the default location for new devices.
  • Management: Enable storage management to automatically clear old content.
  • Max Size: Set a limit for this location's size in MB (0 = unlimited).
  • Max Age: Set a maximum file age (0 = unlimited).
  • Delete to Recycle Bin: Opt to delete files to the recycle bin instead of permanent deletion (Windows only).
  • Archive Location: Set a location for archiving recordings. Use tags like {NAME} or {DIR} to create dynamic paths.
  • Archive Photos Location: Set a location for archiving photos. Use the same tags for dynamic paths. If blank, Agent uses the main Archive Location.
  • Index Archived Files: Check this option to keep the file in the database with the new path to the archived location.
  • Archive Thumbnails: Option to archive thumbnails in a 'thumbs' subdirectory.
  • Network Storage: For Windows users, input details if authentication is required for your storage path.

Device Settings

Agent also offers detailed storage settings for each device. Find these under the Storage tab when editing a device.

  • Drive: Select the main Media folder from server settings.
  • Folder: Name of the folder within the Drive for this device's files.
  • Archive: Enable to move files to the archive location instead of deleting. Keep an eye on archive space! Locked files will not be archived.
  • Management: Toggle storage management for this device.
  • Max Size: Maximum size for this device's media folder.
  • Max Age: Maximum age for files in this device's media folder.

With these settings, you can keep your Agent DVR's storage organized and efficient, ensuring you never miss important footage! 👍

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