Configuration - Using Profiles


Profiles in Agent DVR are super handy for storing key settings about your devices:

  • Enabled Status
  • Alerts Enabled
  • Record Mode (Alert/ Detect/ Manual)
  • Recording Status (manual recording on/ off)
  • Photos Enabled
  • FTP Enabled
  • Timelapse Enabled
  • Facial Recognition Enabled
  • Object Recognition Enabled
  • LPR Enabled
  • Motion Detector Enabled
  • Cloud Upload Recordings Enabled
  • Cloud Upload Photos Enabled
  • Plugin Enabled
  • Which Actions are enabled/ disabled (v4.1.0.0+)
  • Motion/ sound detector type, gain, and sensitivity settings

There are four profiles to play with: Home, Away, Night, and Disabled. You can rename these profiles, but remember, some integrations need the original names to function properly.

To set up a profile, tweak your device settings to your liking, then head to - Profiles and hit the Save icon next to the profile you want to update. Do the same for other profiles as needed.

Agent DVR Profiles

Click the button to apply a profile. It'll highlight to show the most recently used profile.

Hit the button to save the current device settings to the profile.

Tap the button to rename the profile.

Tip: You can also apply these profiles via the API (using setProfile) or through integrations. Plus, you can set a default profile in Settings - Security for when you arm or disarm Agent.

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