Amazon Alexa

From Agent DVR v2.9.5.0 Agent DVR supports integration with Amazon Alexa. This means you can arm or disarm Agent DVR (ie enable or disable the master alerts switch) or show a live video feed of cameras on Alexa Show devices by using your voice and Alexa enabled devices.

To set this up click on the Server menu in Agent DVR and Alexa under integrations. This will take you to an Amazon page to link your amazon account with your iSpyConnect account.

Once your account is paired, run discovery in Alexa. It should discover 2 devices; the security panel and the camera control.

That's it - you can now use commands like:

  • Alexa, arm Agent in home mode
  • Alexa, arm Agent in away mode
  • Alexa, arm Agent in night mode
  • Alexa, disarm agent (This will prompt for your disarm code)
  • Alexa, disarm agent with code 1234
  • Alexa, is my home armed?
  • Alexa, show Agent camera (This displays a panel of active cameras on the show device which will automatically stop playing after 20 minutes)

Alexa protects some operations with a security code. You can set the security code in Agent Settings on the General tab at the bottom, "Disarm Code". This should be set to a 4 digit number. The default code is 1234.

The different profiles you can use (home/ away/ night) correspond to the same profiles in Agent DVR. Profiles set which cameras are active, recording and have alerts enabled. See - Profiles to configure profiles.

For use with multiple servers you will need to set a server name in settings. When you have set a new name you will need to use this name in commands instead of "Agent", for example, "Alexa show Work Server Camera".

DeepStack / senseAI Object Recognition

See DeepStack Object Recognition

DeepStack / senseAI Facial Recognition

See DeepStack Facial Recognition

Home Assistant

We've written a full integration for Home Assistant that lets you add Agent DVR directly into it. You can embed the Agent DVR panel directly into lovelace UI or select individual cameras. It also provides a control for the main security panel (enable/ disable alerts and apply profiles). For more information see the Home Assistant link under the server menu - Integrations.

IFTTT (if this then that)

IFTTT provides the ability to setup actions and triggers with other internet of things devices in your home/ office. To get started integrating your IFTTT rules and devices see the IFTTT link under the server menu - Integrations. You'll need to pair your IFTTT account with your iSpyConnect.com account.



Mobile Push Alerts

See Setting up Push Alerts


Telegram Bot Example

Connect the Telegram chat bot to control Agent DVR and get live alert notifications with images. To receive live alerts be sure to enable Push notifications when you edit the devices.

To get started with Telegram, login to the remote web interface and click on the Server icon and the Telegram button.


The twitter integration lets you send yourself direct twitter messages as an action in Agent. This is a free way of getting real time notifications without using SMS alerts.

To get started with Twitter, login to the remote web interface and click on the Server icon and the Twitter button.