Themes let you customise the look and feel of every part of the Agent user interface.

To edit the theme, click on Account Menu () - Theme Settings.

Theme examples
  • Theme: Choose a theme. There are around 20 to choose from!
  • Variant: Themes have dark, primary and light variants. This mainly affects the top bar and tool bar colors.
  • Set Start Page: Choose a View to start on, from Live, Timeline, Recordings, Photos, Floor plans or Virtual Reality.
  • Time Format (moved to server settings in v3.9.4.0+) The formatter string to use to format dates within the Agent UI. Default is 12 hour, which is "MMM DD YYYY h:mm:ss A". 24 hour example: "YYYY-MM-DD H:mm:ss".

    Here are some available tokens:

    • YYYY: 4-digit year '2019'
    • YY: 2-digit year '19'
    • MMMM: Full-length month 'June'
    • MMM: 3 character month 'Jun'
    • MM: Month of the year, zero-padded '06'
    • M: Month of the year '6'
    • DD: Day of the month, zero-padded '01'
    • D: Day of the month '1'
    • Do: Day of the month with numeric ordinal contraction '1st'
    • HH: hour of day from 0-24, zero-padded, '14'
    • H: hour of day from 0-24, '14'
    • hh: hour of day on 12-hour clock, zero-padded, '02'
    • h: hour of the day on 12 hour clock, '2'
    • mm: minute, zero-padded, '04'
    • m: minute, '4'
    • ss: second, zero-padded
    • s: second
    • A: 'AM' or 'PM'
    • a: 'am' or 'pm'
  • Large: Enabling this makes all buttons and text larger (great for high resolution screens)
  • Use server time: Switch on to display event timestamps in the server timezone (by default Agent will display events in the local timezone).
  • Labels: Turn display of object names on or off on the live view.
  • Shortcut Keys: Turn shortcut keys on or off. With this off shortcut keys won't work.
  • FPS Limiter: Agent limits the frames per second on some views to save CPU. To have a smoother experience at the price of some CPU usage you can turn this off here.
  • Autoplay Audio: Automatically start playing audio when the interface loads.
  • Auto reconnect: If Agent loses it's connection to the website this will periodically check the website to see if it has reconnected and reconnect the UI to it automatically if it has (runs once a minute).
  • Swiping: Enable swipe to change view on touch devices on the live view.
  • Joystick: Enable support of physical joystick controls for PTZ and VR. See JoystickControls.
  • Invert Controller: Invert the Y-axis of the controller.