Themes let you customise the look and feel of every part of the Agent user interface.

To edit the theme, click on Account Menu () - Theme Settings.

Theme examples
  • Theme: Choose a theme. There are around 20 to choose from!
  • Variant: Themes have dark, primary and light variants. This mainly affects the top bar and tool bar colors.
  • Set Start Page: Choose a View to start on, from Live, Timeline, Recordings, Photos, Floor plans or Virtual Reality.
  • Time Format: The formatter string to use to format dates within the Agent UI. Default is 12 hour, which is "MMM DD YYYY h:mm:ss A". 24 hour example: "YYYY-MM-DD H:mm:ss".

    Here are some available tokens:

    • YYYY: 4-digit year '2019'
    • YY: 2-digit year '19'
    • MMMM: Full-length month 'June'
    • MMM: 3 character month 'Jun'
    • MM: Month of the year, zero-padded '06'
    • M: Month of the year '6'
    • DD: Day of the month, zero-padded '01'
    • D: Day of the month '1'
    • Do: Day of the month with numeric ordinal contraction '1st'
    • HH: hour of day from 0-24, zero-padded, '14'
    • H: hour of day from 0-24, '14'
    • hh: hour of day on 12-hour clock, zero-padded, '02'
    • h: hour of the day on 12 hour clock, '2'
    • mm: minute, zero-padded, '04'
    • m: minute, '4'
    • ss: second, zero-padded
    • s: second
    • A: 'AM' or 'PM'
    • a: 'am' or 'pm'
  • Large: Enabling this makes all buttons and text larger (great for high resolution screens)
  • Labels: Turn display of object names on or off on the live view.
  • Shortcut Keys: Turn shortcut keys on or off. With this off shortcut keys won't work.
  • Auto Hide: This automatically hides the playback activity graph/ position controller when playing back recordings after a period of inactivity.
  • FPS Limiter: Agent limits the frames per second on some views to save CPU. To have a smoother experience at the price of some CPU usage you can turn this off here.