The Windows version of Agent DVR comes with a Tray Application that automatically discovers instances of Agent DVR on your network and provides easy access to them along with stats and thumbnails of connected cameras.

Agent DVR Tray App

The tray application is installed by the Agent DVR Windows Installer on the download page. It's set to run on startup.

You can run the Tray application on other computers on your network - just copy AgentTray.exe from the Agent directory to another computer and run it. You can then set it to start automatically

Using the Tray App

The main tray icon has 2 colors - red if a local Agent instance is not found and blue if it is.

Right click the icon to show a menu - you can stop and start the local service, quit the tray application or add new Agent Servers in manually (if discovery hasn't found them).

Left click the icon to show connected Agent DVR instances. This shows a preview image of connected cameras, the server name, armed status (lock / unlock icon) and a summary of the devices connected to it. Agent instances are color coded - Green means it's a local instance and black means it's a remote instance. Click on a Server to open it in a web browser.

If you have setup a login on the server settings it will say "Needs Login" on the summary. Click the server to add your login details so it can gain access. This is not your login, it's whatever you have set in the local server settings.

The summary text: "Armed, 2 dev, 2 on, 0 rec" means Agent is armed (alerts are active), there are 2 devices, 2 are enabled and 0 are recording.

The refresh icon at top right restarts the network discovery process which will automatically find new instances of Agent DVR on your network.

Removing the Tray App

To remove the tray app, right click it, click Quit and delete AgentTray.exe from the Agent directory. You can also disable it from starting at startup.