Source Types are configured when editing microphones on the General tab. This is where you configure the connection to your microphone.


Camera is used when the camera media stream (usually rtsp) contains an audio track and Agent has automatically added a microphone control for it. This type is not editable.


Clone is a simple source type that lets you copy the audio into a new device. You can then run different sound processing or recording rules and alerts on the new device without affecting the original. If the original is disabled the clone will lose it's audio connection.

  • Microphone: Choose the device to clone.


Stream audio from iSpyServer

  • URL: The URL to the audio stream from iSpyServer, eg

Local Device

Connect to USB microphones or other locally attached hardware audio sources.

  • Device: Choose a local audio device and bitrate from the detected devices.


Stream from an MP3 network source

  • URL: The URL to the audio stream eg

File/ URL

Stream from a local file or network audio source.

  • File/ URL: The File path or URL to stream from eg or D:\test.mp3
  • Analyse Duration: How long FFMPEG should spend analysing the streams to decide on Codecs and which streams are the best ones. 0 = automatic.
  • Decoder: FFMPEG or VLC (if available)
  • Options: Any additional FFMPEG options you want to pass in.


Windows only Wasapi devices

  • Device: Choose the Wasapi device


Connect to a Wave (.wav) network source

  • URL: The URL to the stream
  • Sample Rate: The sample rate of the audio
  • Channels: The number of channels in the audio


Advanced options provide additional tools to help you connect to your devices.

  • Connection Timeout: How long to wait for the microphone to respond before giving up.
  • Reconnect Interval: Set this to periodically close and reconnect the connection to the microphone.