Network Drives

Agent can use your network drives to store generated content.

To set this up follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your server in the Agent portal
  2. Click on the Settings tab and then the Settings button
  3. Click on the Storage tab
  4. Click to add a new storage location
  5. Enter the UNC path (not a mapped drive like z:\) to the location you want to save to. This path should start with the network machine name, for example \\wdmycloud\public\Agent or \\davesPC\c$\Agent
  6. Under Network Storage, enter the network machine name, for example wdmycloud of davesPC and the username and password you use to connect to the device
  7. Tip #1: If Agent can't connect to the drive, try adding public read/write access to the folder.
  8. Tip #2: If Agent is running as a service and you still can't connect to your NAS, then:
    1. Open services by clicking start - run and typing services.msc
    2. Find Agent. Stop the service and set the startup type to Disabled
    3. Run Agent in Windows by double clicking the executable.
    4. Try adding the NAS again
    5. Set Agent to run automatically at startup