Playback in Agent DVR provides easy ways to manage your recorded content.

Start playback of recorded content from either the timeline or recordings view. You can also just click on any alert that pops up about a new recording to start playback immediately.


  • The bar along the bottom displays the motion level detected throughout the recording. The height of the bar indicates how much motion and red bars indicate whether that motion triggered the motion detector or not (according to settings). Dots on this bar indicate tags - tags are notes that you can add to a recording using the edit icon or that are generated by AI or events whilst Agent was recorded. When the playback cursor hits a dot it will display the tag text in the time display.
  • Click anywhere on the bar to navigate to that point in the recording. The UI shows the current position, duration and recording time of day over the navigation control.
  • Use mouse wheel or pinch gesture to zoom in and out of playing or paused playback digitally. When zoomed in you can click and drag to move the zoomed area around.
  • Click the photo icon to take a snapshot at that instance in the recording and save it as a photo.
  • On mobile devices you can swipe left and right to cycle through recordings.
  • Use the menu at bottom right to access more functionality. You can increase or decrease the speed of the playback, download the recording, skip to the next or previous file (you need to select the files you want to playback using the edit button and highlighting the files), tag the recording manually so you can find it easily again using the filter or check the play all option to play all selected recordings automatically.

Editing Recordings

To cut interesting parts from recordings, click on the menu icon during playback and Cut . Select the time range you want to keep in the current recording and click OK. Agent will extract the clip and replace the original file. You will receive a notification through the UI when the edit is complete.