Agent uses a combination of Media directories and individual folders to manage storage limits. Storage management runs once an hour. It goes through the media directories and deletes (or archives) the oldest files first according to the limits you specify.

Media Directory Storage Settings

You can add multiple storage locations into Agent using the storage settings panel in Server Settings. Each storage location acts as a base location for device storage and can have it's own rules for maximum size and age of files.

Click to add or edit a storage location

  • Location: The path or UNC path to the storage location on your drive or network.
  • Default: Check this to set this location as the default storage location for new devices.
  • Archive Location: Set the path or UNC path to the location to archive files. You can then use the archive option in device storage and files will be moved there instead of deleted.
  • Management: Check to enable storage management. Storage management runs every hour and deletes or archives old content according to limits you set here and on the device configurations.
  • Max Size: Set a max size in MB for this storage location
  • Max Age: Set a max age for files in this storage location
  • Network Storage

    (only available under Windows). If your storage or archive path requires authentication you need to enter these details.
  • Computer Name: The name of the network device you are connecting to eg \\wdmycloud
  • Username and Password: The credentials to connect to the network device

Device Storage Settings

Agent also provides granular settings for storage management on a device level. See the Storage tab when editing a device:

  • Drive: Select the main Media folder. You can edit this list via - Settings - Storage
  • Folder: The name of the folder in the Drive to save recordings and photos to. This is randomly generated when you add a device.
  • Archive: Switching this on will make Agent move the files from the media drive to the archive location specified in System Settings instead of just deleting them. You will need to manually keep track of the available space on the archive drive.
  • Management: Switch storage management on or off for this device.
  • Max Size: The maximum size in MB of the devices media folder. If this size limit is reached Agent will start deleting content (oldest first).
  • Max Age: The maximum age in hours of files in the devices media folder. Agent will delete any files older than this limit (oldest first).