Agent DVR VR View

VR mode uses the views you configure in live mode to arrange Cameras in a Virtual Reality or local 3D environment. You will need to configure at least 1 view in the live viewer before you will see cameras in VR. The VR viewer uses the same views that the live viewer uses.

Using Virtual Reality

If you have a compatible VR device the UI will give you the option of using immersive VR mode. Using immersive VR you can use your controller to teleport around the area.

To select a camera point at the camera with your controller and click the trigger. To move a camera click it again and hold the trigger down whilst you position it. Release to fix it in place.

If you don't have a button to click in your VR setup you can use the Spacebar instead.

To show/ hide the control panel use the Squeeze control or press Enter

Using Mouse and Keyboard

Use the Arrow Keys to navigate the area and the mouse to look about. When you are looking at a control you can interact with you will see a blue dot appear. Use this to select, move and interact with devices and controls.

Use the Spacebar to interact with devices and controls when looking at them.

To show/ hide the control panel press Enter

Using the control panel

When a device is selected it will display on the main viewing screen (if your view layout has a main area specified). You can then use the control panel to control the camera. The controls switch power, start/ stop recording and trigger a manual alert. There is a PTZ and zoom control as well. To show/ hide the control panel in front of you press Enter.

Cycle through your configured views using the two angle controls. The views will only display if they have configured devices available.

If the camera is recording it will have a red marker in the top right corner. If it has alerted the camera will have a red border.


VR mode requires an SSL connection so is only available via the iSpyConnect web portal.

To use the HTC Vive you can use Firefox or Chrome v87+ (currently Chrome Canary). If you are using Chrome please ensure that the latest version of Steam VR is running. On the latest version of FireFox you will need to go to about:config and set dom.vr.enabled to true.

Mobile support requires use of Android O+. Support on IOS seems to be dependant on specific OS/ Hardware versions.

VR mode has been tested on the Vive and Google Cardboard. Please let us know if it works on other devices.