The Timeline provides a simple way to visualize events chronologically. Recordings from all devices are arranged in order. Swipe or click and drag with the mouse to navigate or use the mouse wheel or pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Click on an activity bar on the timeline to start playback.

Note: The timeline does not show cameras which don't have any recordings.


To manually search by date range click on the filter icon (magnifying glass) at bottom right.

  • Enable and disable the filter using the On/Off switch at the top
  • Choose a date range to search by
  • Enter tags to filter by "person" or "cat" if you have manually tagged your recordings or used DeepStack AI to tag them for you.
  • Select an activity level filter using the range control
  • Check the timelapse option to only show timelapse recordings


  • To start playback of a recording at a specific time you can move the timeline so the left-most timestamp in the UI shows the time you want. Click on a recording under this and playback will start and seek to that point in time.
  • Timelapse recordings are displayed alongside regular recordings but only take up half the available height within the slot.
  • Recordings are color coded according to how much peak motion was detected. Bright red bars indicate high levels of movement.
  • Zoom in far enough and Agent will display thumbnails for the recordings when there is enough space
  • Click on a recording to enter playback mode
  • If your screen is wide enough Agent will display live thumbnails of your devices on the left
  • Click on a live thumbnail to show a mini live feed (video and audio). You can drag this live feed around the screen to move it away from other controls. Click the thumbnail again to exit the mini player.