Tasks are commands you can attach to devices to manually trigger Actions. Actions can call third party apis to perform tasks like open doors, turn lights on, play sounds etc. To add, delete and execute tasks select a device on the live view and click on the task icon .

Setting up a task:

  • Enter some text to describe the task, for example "Turn Lights On" and click the + button. Click OK
  • Click to edit the device using the edit icon . Select the Actions panel in the editor using the menu at top right.
  • Add an action. Select the "If" condition to be the task you just created (tasks are shown at the bottom of the list of available actions) and then configure what you want the task to do.
  • Click OK
  • You can now manually trigger this action from the live view by clicking on the tasks button and clicking the Go arrow button next to the task.

You can also trigger tasks via the API.