Photos provides detail and thumbnail previews to all photos recorded by Agent.

Files are saved locally on your computer. See Server Settings - Storage to find the local path to your photos. Photos are saved to a "grabs" subdirectory of the recordings folder. Photos are saved manually, automatically (interval/ motion/ alert) or as a result of AI processing (object recognition/ alert filter/ LPR/ Face etc).


  • You can minimise and maximise each device with the icon to the left of the device name
  • Zoom in and out using the zoom controls to see larger thumbnails and more information or a simple list view of photos
  • Click the collapse/ expand icon at bottom right to collapse and expand all devices
  • Click the search icon to filter photos. This works in exactly the same way as for the Timeline filter
  • Click the sort icon to toggle the display mode (by device or by date)
  • Click the edit icon to enter edit mode. When edit mode is enabled this icon will be highlighted. With edit mode enabled you can click to select photos or drag a box out to select multiple. You can also click on device names to select all photos for that device or use the select all button on the toolbar.
  • With photos selected you can then use the other icons to delete, archive, upload to a cloud host, download to the local browser or (if in edit mode) browse through using the play and next/ previous controls.
  • Click on a photo to display it full size. With it displayed you can then use the controls at bottom right to download it or tag it with some text so you can find it easily again using the search control.
  • New in You can zoom in and pan around the image using mouse or touch.
  • On mobile devices with a photo displayed you can swipe left and right to cycle through photos.