Giving Others Access (Permissions)


iSpyConnect allows you to share access to your cameras and microphones with friends, family, customers or co-workers (subscribers only). To give someone access click on the "Permissions" link under the Account menu on the web portal. When you give someone access to Agent DVR we send them a link by email. They will need to click this link and create an account to be able to access your server. You can grant them full access (they are able to switch on/off, record, delete etc) or read-only access and you can revoke access at any time through the permissions control.

When they login to ispyconnect they will see a link to your server (if it's connected and your subscription is valid).

Permission Groups

You specify the server name and optionally groups here to restrict the cameras and microphones available to certain people. The default server name is "Agent" but you can change that under Server settings. To grant access to all devices running under the server called "Agent" you would just use the name "Agent". To restrict access you would use something like "Agent,neighbours,police". When you specify group names the portal will only show devices that have those names listed in their Groups field. To edit the Groups for a device you edit the device and list the groups on the General tab. So for example you could edit Camera 1 and enter "neighbours" on the Groups field.

Important: If you change the server name be sure to update the permissions to reflect the change. In the above example if you changed your server name to "MyPC" you would edit the permissions under the account menu and change the Groups field to "MyPC,neighbours,police"

Tip: To prevent a camera or microphone from appearing on anyone elses access you can use the special device group name "EXCLUDE".

Note that the device's Groups field is also used by the http and command line interface to control groups of devices.