The live view is where you watch live streams from your devices. You can setup multiple live views in Agent and add whatever devices you like to them. Agent will intelligently arrange your devices to maximise the available space on whatever device you are using.

Example live panel

Panel markers

The live view has some markers to provide device state and recording status:

Panel markers
  • Blue border on left and bottom - This signifies which device is currently selected. The controls at the bottom left will apply to this device. Click on a device to select it.
  • Red "REC" symbol at top right - This device is currently recording
  • Red flashing border at top and right - The device is in an alert state
  • Orange flashing border at top and right - The device has detected motion

Buttons/ Icons

The live view has icons along the bottom for controlling the selected device and the view itself. Buttons on the left control the current active device in the UI and on the right control the current View. The buttons on the left can change depending on what type of device is selected and what state it is currently in. Mouse-over the buttons to see a tool-tip explaining what they do and optional shortcut keys.

Buttons you may see in the device (left) section include:

  • - Power on / off the device (enable / disable it in Agent)
  • - Edit the device
  • - Start/ Stop manual recording
  • - Take a photo
  • - Trigger a manual alert
  • - Open tasks for the device
  • - Go to this devices recordings
  • - Go to this devices photos
  • - Play back last 20 seconds from the current recording (only works if the device is currently recording in Raw mode)

Buttons you may see in the view (right) section include:

  • - Open the volume control
  • Edit the view (arrange devices)
  • - Start/ Stop playback of the live view
  • - Open the views menu
  • - Start/ Stop talk
  • - Show/ Hide the PTZ controller (you can change the type of PTZ controller that is displayed in the account menu - theme settings)
  • - Show PTZ presets
  • - Previous View
  • - Next View

Using Views

Editing views

Click the views icon at bottom right to open the views menu. Each view shows a preview of the layout that is associated with it. Click on a view button to switch to that view. If you set Cycle to a non-zero number like 3, Agent will automatically cycle through any views containing devices every 3 seconds. Default View sets the view that Agent first displays when you open the browser.

To edit the view (add devices to the view, rename, change layout etc) click on the edit icon at bottom right.

To manually cycle through configured views from the live screen use the and controls (note: these will only show views you have added devices to)

See layouts for more information on using and customising layouts.

Using the PTZ Controller

Click on the icon to show/ hide the PTZ controller. Click on a device in the live view to select it and then you can use the PTZ controller to control it. Make sure you have configured PTZ on the device - edit the device and see See PTZ.

  • Click and drag on the background of the control to move it around the live viewer.
  • Click and drag the round joystick controls with the mouse or touch and move them to control the PTZ on your camera.
  • With the PTZ controller displayed you can use the numpad arrow keys and numpad +/- to zoom.
  • Click or tap on the blue arrows or + / - on the zoom control for step movements.
  • You can show/ hide the PTZ control with the middle mouse button.
  • For digital PTZ you can use the mouse wheel on desktop to zoom in and out or pinch and swipe gestures on touch devices without the PTZ control showing. When zoomed in you can click and drag to move the zoomed area around.

Gamepad/ Joystick control:

As of v3.9.7.0+ Agent supports PTZ via gamepad controls:

Controlling Agent DVR with a joystick


  • To maximise a device click on it to select it then click it again. If you have setup your camera with a high res record URL and a low res live URL you can set Agent to use the High res stream when your device is maximised - to do this edit the device, click to edit video source settings ("..." button next to Source Type on the General tab) and select the Advanced tab. Check the option "Use record stream when maximised".
  • Click on a device to select it. When a device is selected you can use the device controls at bottom left to switch it on/ off, start/ stop recording, take photos, trigger manual alerts or edit and run custom tasks.
  • You can add microphones as well as cameras to the live view - Configure how the microphone displays by editing the "Display Style" when editing the Microphone on the General tab, you can choose from Analyzer, Level or Historical.
  • Use the menu at bottom right to access other features like RTMP broadcast, start talk, play/ pause live video and lock/ unlock the layout positions.
  • Agent indicates which device is selected with a highlight line around the left and bottom of the device. Alerting devices will also have red flashing lines around the top and right.
  • If you assign a location to your camera it will also show next to the camera name and the background and border color will be set to the location color.