Agent isn't connected remotely:

You do not need to install Agent DVR on other computers to access Agent remotely. If you do this the portal may become confused about which connection to use. If you have done this please see "Uninstalling" above and follow the instructions to remove Agent from those other PCs then restart the computer running Agent and make sure it's running (open the local web interface).

Agent needs to be running on a computer for remote access to work - don't turn off your PC! Make sure your power settings don't put the PC into sleep mode.

Possibly there is a temporary outage on our servers - check the logs in the local UI (under the server menu)

Try a restart of the PC

Agent has lost my configuration

If there's a problem loading the configuration Agent will reset it. It should back it up first though to a file that looks like "C:\Program Files\Agent\Media\XML\objects_123456.xml" (where 123456 is a random number). You can try loading that in using the backup/ restore button in the server menu. If that doesn't work (gives you an error) please send it to us for troubleshooting.

What's my claim code?

To claim your server open up the local web interface of Agent and click on the Account menu and Remote Access. This should pass the claim code to the web portal. If you need to access the claim code manually it is stored in "C:\Program Files\Agent\Media\serial.txt" (but you will need to have clicked on Remote Access in the local portal first)

You can also get a claim code by stopping Agent and running "Agent.exe register" or ("dotnet Agent.dll register" on OSX/ Linux) to generate a new claim code via the command line.

Playback is corrupted/ skipping seconds

See Corrupted Video